I found Patty to be an insightful and conscientious teacher. She brought great information and advice to help me understand how to keep my balance within chaos. The information she shared helped me to understand another layer of energy. I’ve let go of tomorrow’s worries in favor of today’s contentment.

She was willing to share her own personal learnings to help me put my situation into context. Honestly, I felt more like I was chatting with a very wise, dear friend than receiving any kind of lecture from on high. She is the kind of spiritual advisor I like the best—and I learn the most from.

—Faye, Oregon

Everything I expected from the class description was delivered, and more. I appreciated the take home reading list to pick-and-choose what interested me most, as well — and I now have that as a resource going forward. In terms of learning about Universal Flow, I understand it’s something I have to practice and take an active part in. Along with that, though, is the awareness that the *Flow* is already present and all around you!

The nice thing about the course was that I never felt pressured to look at all the reading materials right away — I could tuck them away for later. I could practice tuning in and being aware and noticing little synchronicities in my everyday life without it ever feeling like homework. Patty helped direct my focus in that direction — and it was a natural outcome. 

It was great hearing her personal stories and examples from her own life, and having a few “aha!” moments of my own. It’s wonderful when she draws out something from the student — making the lesson really relevant to them personally. It helps the message hit home, and resonate. 

—Judy, New York City