Animals as teachers show me the way

This year I took nine month’s worth of intensive classes in Animal Communication from a leader in the field. It exceeded my expectations, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Animals are here to teach and support us in a myriad of ways that go beyond the obvious. They come to teach us, to help us. And they give unconditional love. In every single reading, the communication from the pet is to help and guide the human to overcome something, or to notice something about themselves. It’s never that the pet needs help. Much so the other way around. That was the most surprising thing I learned from the course, through first-hand experience. 

I have noticed lately, since I decided to be much more social and get myself out in the community, my animals are going beyond their own social boundaries as well. It’s a way of saying “See! This is easy. Watch me!” My worry about socializing, especially looking for a compatible partner at my age, is scary. I am determined to get myself out more. I have to, or I will spend the rest of my life alone. Although, that does not sound too bad. Being single has many rewards but I feel a big nudge to change. I don’t want that Cosmic 2×4 on my head again! Nudges are important to follow up on.

I had a good friend stay with me for eight days recently and I learned about harmony. I wanted her to stay for a lot longer because it was so fluid. That time spent together was lovely and natural. If I want this type of lovely fluid relationship, I know I’ll never find someone, nor they me, if I don’t get out of my home more. Lately I have been out to local cafe’s and bakeries, art galleries, shops, and spa’s that are a 23 minute journey north in a cute little mountain town. I’ve been ignoring that town for a while and suddenly it’s coming into focus. This is good progress for me, the monk-like luddite. It helps that my work schedule has me at home more, making me want to get out more.

Lucy my goose friend of 15 years has been on her own since her companions went the way of the coyote last year. A neighbor offered me several of her lovely lady chickens. Five to be exact. Now understand that chickens are not perfect companions for a goose, but they are company. I find Lucy wants to go inside her pen more and more during the day when I’m home. Probably to visit with the girls after her morning bath outside. A week later a new neighbor moved in next door. The next day I let Lucy out only to see her stop in her tracks, stunned. We both stood there with our mouth/beak hanging open, surprised. Next door we could see the outline of four lovely geese! One was an Africa Gray, the same breed as Miss Lucy. I could not have wished for anything better. They saw us and honked greetings. Yahoo for gooses! Now Miss Lucy has company of her own at home and next door. Her world expanded in the space of a few days. 

My friends are making the effort to come out my way and connect with me more. I never dreamt this would happen and it makes my heart sing! On my birthday I will be escorted to a local hot springs by two friends, who’s company I crave, weather permitting. I almost always spend my birthday alone, because it is between Christmas and New Years. Everyone is broke, has eaten too much, doesn’t want to shop for one more gift, and is tired of all the festivities. No one wants to go out to celebrate anything! Anyone else with a birthday around this time of year knows what I’m talking about. Not only am I getting out and about more, but people are coming to me. Things are starting to bubble because of my desire and action through the law of attraction regarding being more social and broadening my scope.  

The beginning step to getting out of one place and into another is changing  your inner vibration. I’ve been somewhat reluctantly getting myself out of the cocooning vibe. That’s a bit hard because it saved my life and it feels comfy in here! But it’s time to make a move. I can feel that nudge to expand. In order for things to manifest, you have to feel and be the vibration of what you are wanting. I am wanting to be more social, to be available. That’s a big leap, but as the saying goes, fake it till you make it.

Cochise sitting at the feet of my friend Faye. Quietly together.

The most ardent excuse I keep making anyone coming to my house is my dog Goat Cheese (Cochise). He has been super protective of me from day one and only lets one other person near him, the man who raised him. When my friend came to visit for eight days I had been afraid he would present a problem. My friend is wise and knew exactly how to treat him. By ignoring him totally, he gentled to her quickly. We had a relatively quiet and peaceful visit with people and dogs. I was absolutely amazed and it taught me a lot about how wrong my expectations were regarding my dogs behavior. I was worried I needed to take him to classes, or a dog whisperer. As my friend left after our vacation, she said to me “It’s the person, not the dog.” 

The biggest lesson my animals gifted me was when I had a contractor come to my home, with his dog in tow. He brought his black lab, Bear, at my request. Bear is a larger dog than my two, by gentle and friendly. I was afraid Goat Cheese would attack Bear. But Goat Cheese’s introduction to Bear was uneventful and even a bit friendly. What? Is this the same dog that won’t let anyone near me? Good lord changes are happening, and fast! Almost immediately Goat Cheese became one of the gang playing with Bear and being a normal dog. Goat Cheese, my other dog Gypsy, and Bear, all three hanging out and socializing. I could not believe my eyes. They all played till they slept! I thought this would never happen, ever. My animals showed me my fears regarding someone else not fitting into my life are unfounded and baseless. They showed me through their actions, a new relationship can blossom into a nice life with a special someone way faster than I expect they might. 

Thinking about the lessons my animals had showed me, I realized I have been worried for no good reason. Or that the acid test— Goat Cheese’s reaction about a new person in my life—would be a huge hurdle. This heartens me to think that it might be easy to have someone come into my life, and me into his, and things might be A-okay. I thought this change of mind and heart for me would take months if not longer. My animals, wise beings that they are, showed me it was possible in an instant! I am always amazed and humbled at what my animals show me and teach me, by their own actions and wisdom. They have shown me my heart is opening and that new connections are possible, and might be a little bit fun too. 

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone!

Comments and dialogue are encouraged and welcome. Likes tell me someone is listening. Love and Light, Patty.

Acting on a feel

Did you ever get little nudges and hints from the Universe? Recently I’ve been getting nudges to slow down. I have mentioned before that I usually get the Cosmic 2×4 on the head because I am simply not paying enough attention to fill-in-the-blank. I hear messages, feel and sense I must pay attention to something, and start making changes to accommodate. Sometimes my efforts are not enough. I’m dancing around it but not getting it. And I don’t realize I am not getting it because my nose is too close to the grindstone. When the Universe sees you working on it, but you don’t really get the core message, it will let you know. The following story illuminates this perfectly.

Starting the Work

I started slowing everything down. Work is as slow as it gets this time of year so there is no frenzied feeling. My right rotator cuff went on the fritz about 5 weeks ago and is not healed yet. So I cannot do any small projects around my house. That really bugs me but I can’t do a thing about it except let it heal. My personality and energy needs something to work on. I have a driving need to be productive. About 50 times a day I’d have to remind myself I can’t do this or that project. Sigh. I would often have people over to my home because I enjoy their company and the conversation. But it can also be draining for an empath. I put that on hold. I can’t walk my dogs due to the over 100 degree heat (unusual for this time of year). I can’t ride because my horses have since gone over the rainbow bridge. In this slow environment, I had cleaned and rid myself of clutter on ever single level. Every drawer and file cabinet and cupboard. Every molecule of things at my home is about as perfect as it can be. So there is nothing TO do. I had slowed down, or so I thought. This was a huge, huge shift for me. But was I really slowed down energetically and in my mind? Is this my best effort? 

Uh Oh

This past Friday as I left work for my 48 mile commute home. For the record, I’m not a speed demon. For two miles there is a stretch of road that is one lane per direction of traffic. There are no houses or businesses of any kind, and no intersections. If you don’t go faster than the limit, people will tailgate you, honk, flash their lights, and make it clear they are unhappy. I was going along and felt I was not fast enough to warrant a ticket. Didn’t see a soul on the road, bright sunny day. The Universe was still waiting for me to really embrace slowing down. However I wasn’t there yet and the Universe was about to show me just that.

Out of nowhere a police officer going in the opposite direction flashed his lights and I knew I had to stop. I always have my license, registration, and insurance at the ready. He dispensed with the ticket, giving me a few pieces of friendly advice. The ticket was not much money and I was guilty as charged. The good news is that I had recently received a rebate that would perfectly cover this ticket.

The Cosmic 2×4

About five minutes after the ticket incident I was thinking about why I attracted that into my life. After all I have been driving this road for almost 17 years five days a week. I go the same speed every trip, along with the flow of traffic. Why today? What’s up with this? What part of the Law of Attraction am I not doing right? Where’s the message? When it hit me like a cosmic 2×4 on the head I burst out laughing. The Universe sent a message that could not be ignored! It was so obvious. SLOW DOWN! Really slow down! Waaaaay slower than you think is necessary. Because you don’t know what slow really is! Explore this and take it to heart starting now. 

The Right Work (Fine Tuning)

The rest of the way home I went well under the speed limit not caring if I was harassed by other drivers. There was no reason to rush, so why not change the pace of my normal race to get home? It might be fun to really embrace slowing down. The rest of the weekend I slowed down my mind chatter by meditating, and putting on meditative music. I did a few sessions with my Mala beads, had no company over, stayed off the computer, and spent as much time out in nature as I could despite the heat. I read a book. Sat doing nothing. This was different. I can tell you, I’ll be doing this a lot more often. Slowing down in earnest gets me out of my head. I started with my environment, then my body, and the mind followed. This. Feels. Better. Slowing down means more than going slower. It’s being more mindful on every single level. But the payoff was about to happen and I didn’t see it coming.

The Payoff!

Along with signs to slow down, I had been also getting hints about acting on a feel. I had heard the person training a neighbor’s foal talk about this. It’s the way training is done with horses. Not by force, but rather showing the horse how to act on a feel. I actually saw the foal get it! I saw the moment when the penny dropped. The foal acted on a feel, got the idea, and acted accordingly. Isn’t acting on a feel part of how we receive intuitive hits? Isn’t that how we best manifest? Feel is what it is all about. I have been reading a book that talks about how important feel is to manifesting the life you desire. More so than I thought.

Ah HA! Now I am really getting why slowing down was necessary. It declutters your head so the rest of you can see things clearly and receive information quicker. Many small pieces were starting to show up because I could see them swirling above my head, and gather them to me. Pop, they would drop into my head and the big picture became clearer. Pop, pop, pop, more pieces keep coming! ❤ I love this! ❤ This is the first wave of  insights and messages about the next chapter of my life. Gotta love how the Universe works! So, the point is not slowing down per se, it’s what slowing down did for me. It allowed an environment where information could come to me, where before it could not get through the clutter. Now I get it! Now the real work can begin. This is a new way of operating for me, for the rest of my life.

On Manifesting

A friend recently asked if I journaled about my manifesting in a public way on my blog. You know, a way to share what I have manifested. I said no, but what a great idea. It might inspire and inform others about manifesting, how it looks, what the results may be. Many times in manifesting I get things in a totally different way than I asked, or it comes in a different form. Sometimes things come lickity split and other times things come slowly, or not at all (or not yet). I will share my manifesting in a monthly digest in this blog.

Manifesting Examples

Yard/wood cleanup: I wanted my yard cleaned of a huge pile of branches, lumber pieces and other burnable wood. Neighborhood guys in need came and took the huge pile away in three loads. I love clearing space like this. It really helps move stuck energy. It’s also a win-win situation which is the best part of all!

Styrofoam for construction: My partner in crime, who often helps me with carpentry and building projects around my house, mentioned to me that he would love it if I could get a huge pile of around 30 sheets of 2x4x8 styrofoam back from a neighbor I had gifted it to years ago. The styrofoam was never used and the recipient is not well enough to do handy work around the house. We know he won’t be using it. Only a few days later my neighbor’s wife asked if I wanted the foam sheets back because they were cleaning up their yard. There are at least 30 sheets and years back they cost me $20 per sheet. I said absolutely! Perfect timing. And, yay! Another win-win.

Vet bills and winter hay. I received money within only three days of each other, all from unexpected sources, to pay for the winter hay and vet bills. I got a refund from my dentist because the insurance company covered more than expected; I was asked to do a photoshoot which netted me hay money (and I don’t do photoshoots anymore); and I received two months worth of a retroactive raise on my paycheck.

Heavy duty truck and horse trailer. A few years back I made a vision board with everything on it I wanted to manifest. In the center of this was a large heavy duty truck with horse trailer on the back. With my current salary I would not be able to support this extravagant purchase. But I so wanted this to happen! The house next to me had a new renter move in. After we became friends, he bought a horse. But all we could do was saddle up and ride down the side of a very narrow and heavily traveled road. The horses were nervous in this situation and it really limited our scope of riding. My new neighbor had a heavy duty truck. After some discussion, we shopped around and got a nice, simple 3-slant trailer. I paid nothing for it at his insistence, even though I was willing to go in 50/50. My name is on the title, also at his insistence. Sweet! Now I ride almost anywhere I want, have a respectful and fun riding partner, and the use of the perfect truck and trailer at my disposal.

Money/Abundance from Unexpected Places

From the above story about hay and vet bills, let me talk for a minute about the way I received the money. In no way did I expect any of those three sources of income, nor could I foresee money coming to me at all. Yet there it was! You don’t have to win the lottery or have a long lost relative will you money to be supported by the Universe. Abundance can come in very unexpected ways. A friend recently was going through old bills and found an unopened envelope. There was a refund check from an old car insurance provider leftover from when she switched insurances. It came at exactly the time she needed it.

In the truck and horse trailer story above, I could never have imagined they would have manifested in this way. Think of it like this, the truck and trailer are not things I need to own. They are a means to an end—a way to get to places I want to ride. This is a form of abundance that did not involve the use of money on my part. I never imagined that could happen, and it was an eye opener for me. Let go of how things will manifest and be open to it coming to you in a form you may not have thought of. You never know when money or abundance in its many forms will find you!

Vision Board Manifestations

Vision boards are a wonderful way to manifest. They can be virtual, by using images from the internet, or you can cut out images or print them out and do one on paper to put up in your living space. Pinterest might be a great resource for inspiration, and/or for keeping your own images in a virtual vision board. Everything on my 2014 vision board was manifested that year. I paid all my bills and was debt free. I got a new camera and new lenses, and did a lot more photography, learning along the way. I rode a lot more that year, and had a lot more fun, and I had use of a lovely truck and trailer for my horses. I can’t wait to make my new vision board for the coming year.

Fast Manifesting

One day I was shopping online for a new quilt for my bed. Winter was coming on and I wanted something fluffy and warm. Not more than two hours later I was dropping off recyclable items at an area where they had clean bins out for paper, glass and the like. As I was throwing out cardboard into a large bin, I noticed a large lovely quilt in the dumpster. Someone had thought this was a regular dumpster or one for household donations. It was a designer name quilt. I examined it and it was lovely and high quality, no flaws at all. But it was not a design or color I liked. Close but no cigar. I decided to leave it where it was for someone else to claim. Here was an example of manifesting things so fast, but not really asking for something more specific. I had to laugh at how quickly the Universe said, “Hey here is a great quilt!” Now I am more mindful of asking for exactly what I want, but still being open to something a bit different. Sometimes manifesting comes within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Very cool!

Ask for What You Want

When you are at the grocery store ask for things you want. That is, ask Spirit to manifest something you want but can’t find.I did that one day with fresh basil. I needed fresh basil for a large salad I was making. It called for fresh, not dried basil and I knew it was a key ingredient for the right flavor. After spending quite some time looking with no success I asked Spirit, “Please direct me to fresh basil! It’s summer and there must be a huge supply of it somewhere in this store. I know it is here, please show me where it is.” Then I let go of the request and went back to shopping. Almost immediately I was drawn to a huge pile of avocados, far from where the fresh basil should have been. I walked over to the avocados and as I was reaching out for one, my eye went to a display just beneath the tower of avocados. Loads and loads of tomatoes and fresh basil! They had moved the basil to be next to the tomatoes, which is a natural pairing. That’s an example of manifesting that is not on a huge Hollywood scale. Start small peeps.

Get Started Manifesting

I teach this in my Intuition class. Start small and go from there. Start by manifesting the perfect parking space anytime you go out and about. If you don’t drive, you can modify this idea to suit your situation. Do you take the subway? Imagine a great seat and the train arriving on time. Do you bike? Imagine a perfect place to park your bike. Imagine a safe arrival and that your bike will be protected until you return. Start small and build on your results. Have faith! Imagine what you want clearly, then let it go. Expect good results, don’t demand, be open to how things manifest, and always be in gratitude!

I encourage my readers to share examples of manifesting in the reply section, for the greater good of all. 🙂

From too many emails to saving the world!

Do you ever go through your email inbox and think, oh my look at that offer! Free videos and classes. Free book chapter, free recipe, free this and free that. Learn this and that. I get emails from professional people I really admire, from news sources I really trust, and from other interesting miscellaneous sources. Along with those are emails begging please rate this thing you bought, this service you tried, rate your flight, car rental, the meds you bought for your dog, help our cause and sign a very important petition about politics, world health, endangered species, food labeling and GMO, clean water and what have you. I can’t even get past reading one Kindle book without it putting me in an almost endless loop of ‘please rate this book’ along with wanting a written review. Even spiritual and metaphysical emails, which I want to learn more about are daunting. I seem to magically sign up for newsletters I know I never signed up for. I don’t do that to my clients. Why do people think that if you bought a gadget, it means you want to get a newsletter from them?

It all adds up. It seems a bit intimidating and makes me feel like I am in demand, in a way I don’t want to be. This world is becoming too fond of no boundaries in terms of sharing too much information, including social networking, and personalized advertising. These days there are no secrets and everything seems much too transparent and shared. I like blogs because you have to sign up for them. FB I do not like, and hope to some day cut the cord. If not for my two businesses, I would have left long ago. (FB is part of the not-so-fun modern day marketing that is very abhorrent to me, yet I feel forced to use it. I am hoping to change that.)

I think part of my problem has been I am the eternal student, driven to improve myself. I thrive on self-help and continual learning about my life’s situation, bent on improving. I love to learn! I love life and part of that is exploring what other people have learned, are talking about, suggest, and can teach me about. So much is out there and I want to learn and never stop. But enough is enough. I have drawn my line in the sand.

At age 59 I feel that my ‘quality’ time on earth is limited to about 15–20 more years of really being in the game and being productive. I want to make the most of my remaining years, so I can bring more joy to the lives of others and in that way be fulfilled. I want to help others live their best life, and help people get over obstacles in their life.

My solution for the emails is to weed through it all and unsubscribe from those that don’t rise to the top of my list, really. Even from people I know and admire. Like doing spring cleaning. Don’t rate any service or item purchased. Keep emails that intrigue me and I want to follow up on. If I have not acted on it in a week, out it goes. Make it count or dump it out. 

Another thing on my mind as I contemplate the use of my scarce free time is my teaching business. It’s not really even off the ground yet and marketing is such a pain in the patootie. Much modern day marketing is supposed to be email and social networking based. I hate the modern day way people market, and all the ‘shezam’ and ‘shizzle’ that goes with it. It’s not for me. I don’t want to clog others inboxes with super long marketing emails on a daily or even weekly basis. I keep this in mind as I ponder the email dilemma.

As I was cleaning up my yard, I figured out how to move forward in my business with authenticity, without all the marketing glam. For now. I am hoping this leads me to my more organic, authentic, fun way of marketing without it feeling like marketing at all. My epiphany is to spend my spare time focusing on helping others directly. Today I’ll work on getting what are called north and south nodes information together for a friend. It is part of astrology (and therefore tarot) that really helps with getting over blocks, and helping you realize what to work on in this lifetime. I believe by serving others, I will move myself forward in a way the world needs me to be of service. I believe the Law of Attraction and Abundance will bring people to me that need assistance. I believe the energy I will hold and expend will attract more of what I need in my life, so I can serve others. See how we got from too many emails to saving the world? Nice isn’t it!

What do you think? I would love, love, love to hear from you. Feedback, or your own stories, or your opinion. 

On being stuck in traffic

A good playground for being totally present and going with the flow in a chaotic situation is in heavy traffic. This was one of my biggest ah-ha moments ever. I had gotten off work early one day. It’s a rare treat to get off work early, so I ran a few errands downtown. I rarely go south of where I work, so a trip to downtown usually is a headache. This was the perfect day for it! After my errands were all run, I wanted to get home quickly. That should be easy at 3pm, right? Wrong! For some reason it was a very early rush hour and this really soured my mood. It takes an hour to get home as it is. How could I be stuck in traffic? It’s a lovely day and I want to be home quickly, enjoying the sunshine and my animals!

During this rush home, I was listening to a favorite guru, Eckhart Tolle on my iPod. He was talking about presence in the moment from his book The Power of Now. One of my favorite passages is where he talks about not resisting what the present moment brings. I was wholeheartedly agreeing with him about being in the present moment one minute, and complaining loudly to myself about the non-moving traffic the next. [Angrily] “How unfair life is that I’m stuck in traffic on such a gorgeous day!” [Happily] “Yeah, live in the moment as if you accepted it yourself!” [Angrily] “What is with this traffic?”  

I did this mental and emotional badminton a few times until…Shazam…I realized what Eckhart Tolle meant about not resisting what the current moment brought, and laughed at how silly I was being. All this time I was agreeing with the author about living in the moment, and the next thing out of my mouth was a complaint about what was happening. I knew it was time for me to stop complaining about anything. Complaining is non-acceptance of What is. This goes against all my new found philosophies of going with the flow, avoiding chaos, etc. 

That was a defining moment, and a really big insight into my mind chatter. I found I could make that change inside and live a happier life on the outside. I immediately switched to a relaxed mood, turned up some good music, and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful skies. I sent a good feeling to other cars around me and relaxed. I realized I had been making myself miserable for no good reason. Now it didn’t matter if I was ‘stuck’ in traffic or zooming along the road. You get to choose the mood of the current moment, regardless of the outer circumstances. This makes everything in your life much smoother, happier, easier to experience. Fun even! 

Through the Law of Attraction, we attract what we are signaling. Our inner vibes and energy signals what we want more of. Now I get it. Now it makes sense to me. I was complaining, frustrated and angry. If I continued down that road, I’d only be experiencing more of the same. This was like finding a key that fit every door!

Try using slow traffic as a way to practice mindfulness and patience. Another way I practice patience is to think of the worst scenario of being late. For me, that’s being late for or missing a flight. Even in that instance, you can catch another flight. Maybe you might miss an event. When I feel panic about missing, let’s say, an important event like a wedding, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Everything has what I call, divine right timing. Relax and enjoy the moment. Since you are not curing cancer, don’t sweat it! You could be delayed by Spirit because there may be an accident ahead. There are many reasons to just go with the flow and trust in divine right timing of all that is unfolding around you.


What is co-creating?

I don’t remember when I first heard that term, but I was not sure I understood exactly what co-creating meant. So, take off the cowgirl hat and put on the detective hat. It started with my first basic observation that everything is energy.


We live in, and are part of something I call Universal Flow. Once I was more in tune with this flow, I learned to recognize intuition, how it manifests, and how to use it. By using my intuition through paying attention to how it manifested in my body, using the Law of Attraction, and asking for and receiving guidance from Spirit, I started consciously co-creating. I developed my skills with routine, everyday tasks to build on my experience. Now it’s as easy as breathing.  Continue reading

What the heck is Universal Flow?

So, you ask what the heck is Universal Flow? You talk about it all the time and it’s one of the classes you teach. The answer boys and girls is, it’s the energetic flow of life all around you, and within you. This includes all of nature, emotions, feelings, people, and even places. You can tap into it, go with the flow, get a read on different situations and act accordingly. Much like surfing, there will be ups and downs in the flow, but you can learn to ride these waves.


It’s a place of feeling, sensing or knowing. Have you ever walked into a room and, without anyone saying a word, you can feel there is tension as thick as pea soup? That’s you sensing the Universal Flow in one particular flavor. Tension, which is fear based. Everyone in the room contributes to this in one form or another. They may be creating the tension by stirring the pot or confronting someone. Or they may be bystanders affected by witnessing the events unfolding.

You might feel a different flavor of Flow in a crowded event that is fun and uplifting. It’s not just your own emotions you are feeling, there is also a general vibe that is being broadcast. Especially an event with a lot of people such as an outdoor concert. Remember, you are a sender and receiver of energetic vibrations. Here is an article on the topic by Steve Pavlina.

One place where you are sure to pick up on this vibe is almost any airport. Most everyone is in a rush, hates the ordeal of checking in hours before their flight, standing in line, waiting for their flight, and hearing of delays. For me it is going into one particular chain store, larger than several football fields. The air is stale and seems to suck the very life essence out of me after about five minutes! I take special pains to not go in that store, if I don’t absolutely have to. The vibe in there is awful.

Setting your inner vibe to a loving intent for the day helps you to sense the lay of the land of the bigger picture—the Universal Flow. This is also a place from which you may apply the Law of Attraction. You are working in a co-creative effort when you use your intent and the Laws of Attraction to direct your life. If you have an intent of loving kindness, you will attract more of the same. Life is a lot easier that way!

Once you are open to feeling and sensing different energies from people, places and events, you will start getting intuitive nudges on how to act, what to do. You will feel more confident in trusting your own intuition and going with the flow. These intuitive hits or nudges may help you in difficult situations, as well as everyday, routine tasks. In any case, that’s my simplified version of what Universal Flow is. I use it every single day, in every part of my life, no matter how small, and I have never felt more empowered or free!

The Law of Attraction

I’m not sure who started this line of thinking, or coined that term, but if you are not familiar with it, there is a lot of reading you can do online. Mike Dooley is great at speaking on the topic. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is another good source. Neither of these people invented this law, or this idea, but they do explain it well. You can probably search YouTube as well with some success. In fact many hundreds of authors, books, and websites are devoted to explaining this universal law. Do your research but have fun and use your intuition. A great piece of advice is only accept the information that resonates with you.

In a nutshell the Law of Attraction:

  • Tell the Universe what you want.
  • Imagine the goal as finished with all the bells and whistles, with you in the middle jumping up and down, happy, smiling, thrilled with the outcome.
  • Let go of ‘how’ things will manifest. Allow for the Universe to help you to your goal in ways you may not have expected. After all, Spirit may have more creative ideas that you may never have dreamed of, in reaching your goal.
  • Every single day take baby steps to get to your goal
  • Express genuine gratitude each day
  • Keep a good attitude about the process and what you are manifesting. Remember thoughts become things.

It is a way many people manifest what they want in their life using the matrix of Universal energy. It’s part of co-creating the life you want. Try it out and have fun with it.

Expect the unexpected

In retrospect the way I handled the delays of my trip back home could have been different had I remained open. I mean totally open to change and delay, not just open to things flowing smoothly. In using the Law of Attraction, being upbeat, imagining a good trip, and being in gratitude do count a lot toward having a great trip. But also being open and flexible in the face of unavoidable delays was something I had forgotten to take into account. I call it going with the Flow (Universal Flow). I usually prepare by imagining and expecting a great trip, all going smoothly. But I should have totally relaxed and been open to any changes that didn’t go with my idea of the timeline for a good day of traveling.

My failure to trust in what was unfolding points to me being more inflexible than I’d like to admit, and wanting to have things my way. Learning to understand, recognize the tug of Universal Flow and work with it, not against it, is an art. It’s the part of co-creating and living a good life that might seem at times inconvenient, irritating and unexpected. By being totally open to all forms of change or delay, that would have made for a happier me, an easier flow. I also believe in Divine Right Timing, or everything happens for a reason. Trust that Spirit has your back. I apparently forgot that, but will do better in the future. That’s all you can do when you flub, is take note and vow to do better.

My kryptonite

For someone who teaches classes about dealing with Chaos and Drama, and relaxing and going with the Universal Flow, I need to practice more what I preach. For me going to an airport, through security, and especially flying, really freak me out. Handling it as best I can is a huge challenge. Employing what I have learned to drop any fear, anxiety and worry, and pick up on the ‘go with the flow’ good attitude is hard in my most fearful situation. So at least I can stay connected to my students in that we are all human, we all have flaws, have problem areas, none of us is perfect. Especially me! You could say that being in an airport, and being at the mercy of someone else, especially turbulence and landing, are the perfect learning ground for me.


I can sit in traffic for hours and never mind being unable to get through, or having a long wait, or a long-unknown detour. But there is something about the total lack of control of being at the mercy of the airlines, getting one delay after the other. Getting a text message every hour telling me of another unexplained two-hour delay felt like the movie Groundhog Day. At least I had my Continue reading