Do you really want to sweep that under the rug?

So you’ve had a blowout with someone in your life. This someone is very important to you, they may be your spouse, your live-in mate, a really good friend, or someone at work. You have been dealt a blow, and you feel very strongly about it. Perhaps trust has been violated. This is a basic foundation for any relationship. Maybe someone does not believe what you did or did not do. I’ve seen these two things happen to people close to me. They both handled it very differently, in their own way.

Some handle it with great emotions and a lot of drama because they feel slighted. Then they moved on feeling differently toward the person that slighted them. Some handle it by sweeping it under the rug, waiting for just the right moment to say something. “Oh, can’t do it today we are having dinner with friends. I can’t do it tomorrow, my spouse has a job interview and they have to be on their best behavior. Best to not rock the boat. The day after that is Saturday and I have worked hard this week, another argument is not what I want. Better put it off till next week. That feels better.”


Putting it off over and over and over. Not good. Those are just excuses to not get into the fray again. Kinda can’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid high drama. But avoidance is not good for really important things like a violation of trust. Those should be handled at some point, sooner rather than later. Sweeping anything under the rug means sooner or later the rug will be so full of crap that it will lift off the floor. All these little things add up. Sooner or later you have to deal with all that crap. Better to deal with it as soon as it seems prudent, with calmer emotions.

One thing I learned from a long-term relationship is what I call the three day rule. Any time we had a blowout, a disagreement, or not seeing eye-to-eye, letting it sit for three days seems to work wonders. It’s really hard to be angry at anyone or anything for three straight days. Anger takes a shitload of energy and no one on the planet has that much energy in their reserves. What helps is getting back to a normal routine. Routine puts humans in their comfort zone. Three days is also not enough time to have forgotten what was so important that pissed everyone off. Take three days off with the agreement to discuss it on the third day. That puts the responsibility back into the picture. Yes we pissed each other off, and yes we have agreed to discuss it when tempers are dormant and we feel more centered. Great! So far so good.

Finding the right time on the day you revisit this is easy. Pick the time you are both up, freshly awake. If at all possible do it first thing in the morning. Get up earlier than normal if you have to both be at work. If a relationship is at stake, it’s worth the extra effort. Have a cup of coffee so your brain starts percolating and turn off your phones and put them down for the entire meeting.

Discuss timing briefly the day before. “Hey let’s revisit that thing tomorrow morning over coffee. Does that sound like a good time? Let’s set aside an hour where nothing is going to interrupt us and where we are devoted to solving this, because I really want to resolve this thing that’s between us.”  Even practicing your speech to ask your mate/friend when a good time to talk is important so it comes out right. Practice makes perfect and helps your confidence. If it’s a co-worker or other situation, do lunch.

You are sitting over coffee waking up. You both have decided to be here, uninterrupted to patch up this relationship before it gets worse. I would urge you to keep these guidelines in mind any time you have a discussion:

  • Turn off your cell phone, the radio, the tv. All of it. For the entire time you are talking. This should be non-negotiable and doable.
  • Do not bring up the past unless it is the thing that upset you. As in, don’t bring up something from last month, last year, and how you hate how they put a new roll of toilet paper on the thingy the wrong way and how they hate your mother’s hairdo. Yeah, that’s a no no. Keep the discussion moving along and focused.
  • If the other person keeps avoiding the important stuff and can’t stay on target, bring them back, gently, as often as necessary. If they say, “Hey did you see that red bike the other day I pointed out? That’s the cool new Red Racer model and I really want to save money for it and…blah blah blah.” There goes the focus and the discussion out the window. Help the other person gently back to the discussion. You might say, “Hey yeah, that bike is great, but I would rather talk about this issue we have. It’s much more important than a bike. We can talk about the bike or even go see it, once we are done. Now back to the issue at hand.”  Do this as often as you have to.
  • Try and keep an even tone to your voice. Certainly don’t raise your voice.
  • You can ask for divine intervention or guidance through the meeting. Nothing wrong with a little backup from friends in a lofty position.
  • Keep yourself protected energetically so you don’t get hooked by high emotional drama. I use the tool called being the space for and have a loving intent for starters.
  • Listen when the other person is talking, and ask them for the same courtesy. This can be hard, but good communication has three points: your mouth and your two ears. Your ears and listening are as important as talking and telling your story. If your friend/spouse/mate is not listening to you and just rambling on, let them know you’d like them to listen to you. It’s important for closure.
  • If that doesn’t work, look up the idea of a talking stick. He who holds the stick speaks, the rest listen. When one person finishes speaking, pass the stick to the next person. It goes round the table till all the talking is done and everyone is satisfied. Let’s hope you don’t have to get to that point.
  • Be open minded, and ready to compromise if you feel it’s right for the situation. But also stand your ground if something very basic and necessary like trust or fidelity is at stake. You know in your heart those very basic tenants that make up any relationship. And you know you should never accept less than is necessary to have a balanced, honest relationship.
  • Expect what you need as a bottom line for your relationship. If you don’t get it, maybe it’s time to move on. (Fidelity, trust, etc. We’re talking the big stuff here.)
  • Choose your battles wisely. Don’t go on and on about something small. Compromise and it’s okay to give in a little for lesser items. But….
  • You should never end a discussion feeling that you have given in too much, just to make peace. It is not worth it. Make sure the compromises are real and attainable.

Going forward, make sure all the rugs in your home have nothing swept under them (figuratively). Shake them out regularly and ‘clean house’ and be confident that later on you won’t trip over an old issue hiding under that rug! Believe me, nothing is better than clearing the air and forging ahead with the confidence that nothing is going unsaid, or lurking in the shadows. Be confident you are on solid ground. Live in the light and shake out those rugs!

Be the space for

What does that mean, to be the space for something or someone? For me, it means detaching from the drama, the chaos, and the emotionality of what is unfolding. It also means to hold space for what is occurring to let things be for the highest good for all concerned, without your personal bias. It’s on an energetic, vibe level that you are holding space. That’s holding space or being the space for something or someone.


Being the space for two people, let’s say two good friend who are arguing, would be to detach emotionally, stay present, send love and don’t hope for any particular outcome. Remain neutral as possible while supporting the space for this to occur. It is very important to make sure you are not biased in the outcome whatsoever. Make sure it is for the highest good of all concerned.  Continue reading

What are you attracting?

If I could tell people about my greatest truth or personal discovery, my answer would be Everything is Energy! It is my own philosophy that came through observation and my own life experiences. If your current inner hum or inner energy or vibe is frustration, that is what you will attract more of. If it is happiness, that is more of what you will attract. For me, that’s a fact, Jack! You can feel the energy in a crowd of people, in a small group, or in one person.


I have felt the energy of an event or person to make an informed choice. I use my intuition every day doing many routine tasks to feel the energy of What Is, to make the best decisions going forward. You can too.

This does not guarantee life won’t throw you a curve ball now and then. But the only real power or control you have is how you act in regards to the outer circumstances. You can use your knowledge of the energy of a situation or person to guide you.

Everything is energy

That’s my personal mantra. It’s something I’ve learned through observation and experience. The Universal Flow is made up of energy, as are thoughts and emotions. Energy is almost one and the same with the Universal Flow. It is the matrix within all of us lives our lives. There isn’t a thing that does not have energy. Even a rock has moving molecules, albeit they move very slowly and not too much. Manmade substances move too at the molecular level. It’s all energy.


The type of energy that I am most interested in, and that affects our lives on a daily basis is, the energy that we feel and interact with from other people, places, things and events. Feelings, emotions and words especially carry their own vibes, their own energetic signature. Everything is Energy is what I live my life by in terms of sensing what the energy is like around me, or in a place I am going to, or when I am going to be in a meeting, or be with a certain person or group of people. It’s a big part of the co-creation process and manifesting.

I teach a class on working with Universal Flow and developing intuition. Energy sensing through mind, intuition, and body are a big part of this class. You can learn to sense this energy and work with it. Setting your inner hum, your intent, is a big part of having a successful day of navigating the jungles of space and time. But for big ideas and beliefs like this, I leave it to the reader to do their own research and have their own experiences in determining whether or not this is true for them. For me it certainly is.

Having a loving intent

Probably the single most important point to remember in going forward consciously creating and living your own life, is to hold a loving intent in your heart. Feel it, breath it, sense it, know it, and hold it in your heart. When you speak, that loving intent will be present, and others will notice it, and they will be affected by it. They will not be able to help being enveloped by it. Because you ARE it, you are living it, feeling it, at every second.


There is a saying that resonates with me. “Everything you say, say it with love.” If you are experiencing anger, frustration, or fear, if you take a few seconds to remember that piece of advice and change your intent and feeling before you speak or act, you will have just changed the circumstances for the better. You will have also done a lot to reduce the amount of drama that is unfolding. That is because, by adding love to your message, you have tempered what is in your heart, and taken the drama out of it on your end. Certainly the other parties involved will notice this change, even on a subconscious level. It is up to them to change if they want to. If they do not, you can opt to drop out of the situation or continue to diffuse it with your loving intent. I was in a situation involving two other people who were having a heated argument. Each tried to get me on their side, and involve me. I refused to be part of their highly emotional argument because it was fear-based.

By standing by silently but still in the room and focusing my inner hum and intent to love, I was ‘being the space’ for each of them to do their thing. By broadcasting love, I may have helped to temper the energy in the room. This is a good practice for spiritual development. It was my first lesson in learning to stand aside while drama is playing out. I was there in the room. My friends tried to engage me in an emotionally upsetting episode. I declined, and stayed present, broadcasting love. It was a very enlightening and freeing experience. Believe me, as you grow more, the Universe will send you examples and situations to practice your newfound skills! There’s the old joke of asking for patience, and then having your patience be tested over and over. Sooner or later you will get the hang of it!

I would like to add that having a loving intent does not mean you have to give up anything. It does not mean rolling over and saying “Uncle.” It is not giving up or giving in. It’s not having a Pollyanna outlook. It is simply choosing love, instead of its opposite, which is fear. This is an important distinction that may become clear to you over time.

What the heck is Universal Flow?

So, you ask what the heck is Universal Flow? You talk about it all the time and it’s one of the classes you teach. The answer boys and girls is, it’s the energetic flow of life all around you, and within you. This includes all of nature, emotions, feelings, people, and even places. You can tap into it, go with the flow, get a read on different situations and act accordingly. Much like surfing, there will be ups and downs in the flow, but you can learn to ride these waves.


It’s a place of feeling, sensing or knowing. Have you ever walked into a room and, without anyone saying a word, you can feel there is tension as thick as pea soup? That’s you sensing the Universal Flow in one particular flavor. Tension, which is fear based. Everyone in the room contributes to this in one form or another. They may be creating the tension by stirring the pot or confronting someone. Or they may be bystanders affected by witnessing the events unfolding.

You might feel a different flavor of Flow in a crowded event that is fun and uplifting. It’s not just your own emotions you are feeling, there is also a general vibe that is being broadcast. Especially an event with a lot of people such as an outdoor concert. Remember, you are a sender and receiver of energetic vibrations. Here is an article on the topic by Steve Pavlina.

One place where you are sure to pick up on this vibe is almost any airport. Most everyone is in a rush, hates the ordeal of checking in hours before their flight, standing in line, waiting for their flight, and hearing of delays. For me it is going into one particular chain store, larger than several football fields. The air is stale and seems to suck the very life essence out of me after about five minutes! I take special pains to not go in that store, if I don’t absolutely have to. The vibe in there is awful.

Setting your inner vibe to a loving intent for the day helps you to sense the lay of the land of the bigger picture—the Universal Flow. This is also a place from which you may apply the Law of Attraction. You are working in a co-creative effort when you use your intent and the Laws of Attraction to direct your life. If you have an intent of loving kindness, you will attract more of the same. Life is a lot easier that way!

Once you are open to feeling and sensing different energies from people, places and events, you will start getting intuitive nudges on how to act, what to do. You will feel more confident in trusting your own intuition and going with the flow. These intuitive hits or nudges may help you in difficult situations, as well as everyday, routine tasks. In any case, that’s my simplified version of what Universal Flow is. I use it every single day, in every part of my life, no matter how small, and I have never felt more empowered or free!

Jumping to conclusions

As an avid thinker and worrier, I am finding more and more that I jump to conclusions too quickly. They are often the wrong conclusions and the worst case scenario. This is not good for manifesting and co-creating a great life. Being divorced (I’d like to call it single) means I have no partner to support me, and everything is on me to survive. There is no one to lean on for moral or financial support. It’s not what I am used to. Any little change to life’s routine sets my mind immediately to the very worst thing that could happen. But hey, everyone wants their future to be set in stone and taken care of, right? Right! We all know that doesn’t happen and life has no guarantees, right? Right!


Recently I discovered a leak in my swamp cooler system. The copper wire under the sink in the kitchen was spraying water all over, and had been for some time. Argh! I turned off the tiny valve to stop the flow of water. I asked my neighbor to help Continue reading