Readings: Fact and Fiction

This is a list I came up with based on my own experience of receiving hundreds of readings, and doing readings for others. This list may help you to understand the usefulness of having a reading, and advice on what not to expect.

Nothing is set in stone. Many believe our life is decided upon way before we come here. It’s the viewpoint of fate vs destiny. We may be scheduled to learn one particular profession, and or destined to meet certain people along the way. But, nothing is set in stone. Why? We all have free will.

Every minute, you are the author of your life. You have free will, and you have goals in life that change as you experience life. During a reading, the Universe will come in and give you the best, highest information for you, at the time of the reading, based on the path you have been traveling. It is up to you to continue traveling down the path you choose. Since you have free will, you can decide to give up that idea of joining the Peace Corps and become an auto mechanic instead. It’s all up to you. There are no right or wrong decisions. You are the author of your life. Spirit will not design your life for you. Your guides and light worker team are there to help assist with what you want to manifest in your life. Make it a good one!

Decisions are yours to make, always. It is up to you to act, or not, on the information and guidance given in a reading. It is always your choice, and no one, not even Spirit will make any decisions for you. You may be presented with several options, ideas, or a best case scenario. But the choice is yours. It’s a wonderful part of experiencing life on earth!

Only accept the information that resonates with you. During a reading the person reading for you should ask throughout the reading, “does this resonate with you?” Since they can tap into much of the unseen, they want to be sure to be a channel for the right information for you. It’s like tuning a radio dial to the correct station. If the information does not sound right and seems to be going in the wrong direction, it’s okay to stop for a moment and let the person reading for you know. They may have to readjust, and ask for guidance before continuing.

Readings are not predictions of the future. The person doing the reading is not making predictions. She is more like a hollow bone, an empty vessel, or a telephone line through which messages travel from the Universe to the person asking the questions. Someone tells me they had a reading, and the person reading for them told them something that ‘did not come true’ or they are expecting something to come true simply because they were told it in a reading. You have to work toward these goals yourself. They are not going to appear before you if you have lost interest and don’t take some action—even baby steps—toward what you want to manifest in your life. If you have been working on it and it has not appeared yet, keep up the work if it feels right. Keep in mind many things related in readings can ‘come true’ but that is because you are working on them in some fashion. That’s part of co-creating!

Readings are advice from the Universe, or your guides, sent to you for your very highest good—for your best path forward. The reading is not the opinion or the advice of the person doing the reading. They are only passing on information that they receive from Spirit. If you feel the person doing the reading is not tuned in to you or to the right information, it is okay to tell them it’s not resonating with you. They may have to adjust, or go in deeper, and ask for clearer, more accurate information for you. Like tuning a radio dial to the correct station.

Psychics do not know everything about everyone. Imagine the information overload! That’s a big misconception perpetrated by Hollywood. People with enhanced psychic or what I prefer to call intuitive abilities are merely people who have honed and refined their ability to receive information from Spirit.They have learned the signals from Spirit that usually manifest in their bodies, with one or more of their senses. They may have a gut feeling, a knowing, a sensing, have a vision or snapshot flash before them. Over time they work on recognizing, accepting and interpreting these signs. They may pick up information about people they are physically near, or emotionally close to. They do not have the ability to see what you are thinking, and they don’t know your darkest secrets. Relax!

Information is only given if permission is given. Intuitive readers are not voyeurs in any sense. There is a set of ethics that should be practiced by the person doing the reading. Use your Spidey senses to detect if someone reading for you is on the right wavelength. Let them know so they can re-center and try again. It happens. If you want to know something about your cousin Joe, and he does not want you to know, Spirit will either give the person doing the reading nothing, or say, MYOB, politely of course.

Predictions are not premonitions. Premonitions are visions, dreams or messages you receive and are usually followed by events in real life.

All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are mediums. Mediums are people who can connect to loved ones that have died. I am not a medium.

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