About Readings

What I am about to tell you will apply to any reading you may have, even if it is one you do for yourself. It could be any media from tarot to channeling, to palm reading.

A reading is information from the Universe that is the best possible way forward, based on the path you are currently traveling. Let’s say it’s like a best case scenario with tips, advice and usually good humor sprinkled in.

Having a reading can be fun, or enlightening, or you may feel some relief. It may solve some problems for you, or outline some scenarios for your path forward. But please don’t live your life by every word passed to you in a reading. Don’t become dependent on them for answers. You are the author of your life, you have free will. And I would guess that most of you out there have pretty good judgment.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body. Before you came to this planet, you had a plan. Now that you are here, you can live that life, or change it on the fly. This life is for you to live. It is and should be of your design. Spirit won’t design your life for you, and this is often misunderstood. But Spirit will help and assist in all ways possible, if you only ask. This is incredibly wonderful news. You are in the driver’s seat, to help Spirit express itself, through the unique being that is you. Don’t wait for Spirit to tell you what magical thing is ‘supposed’ to happen. Go for what you want and watch the real magic unfold!

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