On the word psychic and other misconceptions

I have never liked the word psychic because it carries negative connotations. Just like when I was growing up, the word Hippie was something young people aspired to be! In the 1960s Hippies were cool! Now the term is an insult. Hippies are considered old fuddy duddies who are still at odds with society, out of touch with reality, marching to their own drummers. Well there is nothing wrong with that! But you get my drift. I find the same to be true of the term psychic.

Years ago it was amazing if you met anyone who knew anyone who was psychic. If you said you were one, you’d be ostracized and your family and friends would disown you. But between the misconceptions from Hollywood movies, and the “Psychic hotlines” that promised to tell you all about your life and predict your future, the term got a bad rap. Contrary to popular belief psychics don’t know everything about everyone. It does not work like that. Imagine the sensory overload! And they don’t and shouldn’t predict the future.

You are always in charge of your own life. Noone or nothing will change that. People who ‘read’ for you are highly intuitive, and more in touch with Spirit. They don’t see your future all laid out before them necessarily. It’s more like they get small snippets of advice to help and guide you on your path. See my page About Readings for more information on this. https://cocreatingandcowgirlwisdom.com/readings-fact-and-fiction/.

You won’t find me claiming to be ‘eerily accurate’ either, which is another phrase that irritates me. What is this claimed psychic being eerily accurate about if you have free will and you and you alone set the direction to your life? Your life is yours to create, and all any gifted intuitive person should do is be a go between, a connection, between your questions, and the guidance you will get from Spirit. Note that I used the term guidance. Spirit will never tell you what to do. They will guide you, and give you options.

If the person being accurate is a medium talking to your dead relatives, that’s where I can understand the accuracy claim. But even mediums are hard pressed to dig up exact names of people. They are out there, but there are not many of them. As for timing, Spirit never gives anything accurate about that. At least in my experience.

If people claim to be a channel, that means their soul steps aside and lets another entity in. I have been in the presence of one great channel. Their voice changed totally and you knew it was the real deal. I dislike claims of channeling unless the channel totally steps aside. I prefer to think of it most ‘psychic readings’ as more of an intuitive reading. I like it if people are accurate about their abilities. That is what I have come to honor and respect.

As they say, and never let anyone tell you they can ‘predict’ your future. That’s baloney. Use readings for insights and guidance to make the best choices for your path forward. For me the term intuition is better. I do intuitive readings to be a link between you and your guides if you have questions or want guidance. Don’t ever let anyone take the responsibility for running your life out of your hands. You are always in charge. You are the captain of your ship! Steer wisely!