Winners Announced!

I held a drawing at the Whole Expo in Durango, Colorado last weekend. Here are the winners!

Gloria Petsch won the Intuition Class Develop Your Intuition: Working with Universal Flow, a four week intensive course.
Brianna (no last name given) won a 10-card tarot reading. 
Pierre (no last name given) won a 10-card tarot reading.
Dawn Badman, Claudio Sprowso, and Kathy Wzientek each won a three-card tarot reading.
Winners have been contacted via email. My apologies for any typos or misspellings. I did my best (with a magnifying glass) to read the names on the entry cards. 

Drawing for Prizes in 2 Days!

Saturday I will be announcing winners for prizes from entries gathered during the Durango Expo! I am giving away my intuition class. I am also giving away three 3-card tarot readings and two 10-card tarot readings. Stay Tuned!

The Whole Expo in Durango was my first time going public with my business and my talents. My good friend Gwendolyn Hill of Heart of the Mother Healing was kind enough to share her booth with me. I owe her a debt of thanks for taking me under her wing. We will do it again next year!

It’s hard for me to put into words how fantastic the expo and the entire experience was for me. Phenomenal is one word! I was so pleased I was able to do tarot readings most of both days and talk to people about the classes I teach. I will be starting another round of classes in October and will announce those in a few weeks.

Thanks everyone for believing in me and supporting me with love!

The smallest adjustment

The other day I was out to lunch with friends at a small French café. The food was great, but service was slow. No biggie, my friends and I had much to talk about. However trying to pay with my debit card was frustrating. That new chip technology was the culprit. I didn’t want to put a $12 lunch on a major credit card that I had paid off an hour before. There was plenty of money in my checking account, so I insisted they try running the card one more time, please. I checked the card just before going to lunch so it was not a problem of not enough money.

The wait staff (a man and a woman) were both short with me and quite rude about it. I later noted this same reaction from other diners on Yelp reviews. I did not appreciate the attitude of two of the waitstaff, and their denial that the chip was the problem. It was obvious that many other customers that morning had problems with the chip, and the staff blamed it on ‘…everyone else having money problems on the same day. They put money in and suddenly it was gone.’ Huh? None of that made any sense. It was obviously the machine they had not figured out how to use it. The receipt even said “transaction not completed” on it both times they ran the card. Almost every store with the new chip reader has had problems. We’ve all encountered it.

Mind you, this incident on trying to pay my bill did not include loud words, or any sort of a scene at all. It was in fact very subdued and quiet. But I could tell by the reaction of my friends when I returned to the table, that my pickiness in wanting things to go my way was less than ideal. I also don’t like it much when people are so picky they make themselves miserable or unhappy, so why was I doing it? I was being as inflexible as the wait staff, minus the rudeness. So much for my being open and spiritually aligned with All That Is! It went out the window so quickly. (Sad face)

What I should have done differently was to be more flexible about payment and just let it go. Sometimes those small things set me off, or tip over my applecart. Every day life sends me opportunities for growth, and situations where I could have done better. This was minor, but it was one of those times I could have done better by being more open and flexible. More in tune with what was going on. I could have made the smallest adjustment and all would have been better. Sometimes I laugh at myself for the things that upset me, or that get me off the path of the love vibe. More practice is needed! Well that’s what day to day life is for! Continued practice in the waking world, here on Earth. Ready, set, GO! (happy face)

No matter how small a thing is, you know when you can improve. Even if someone else is being rude to you, and you know you are ‘in the right’, you can let go and go with the flow. That makes the energy of the room, the vicinity, much better. Next time vow to do better.

Feel free to leave a comment in the reply section which can be seen by clicking on the headline for this blog entry. I would love to hear your stories! 



On the word psychic

Years ago it was amazing if you knew anyone who knew anyone who admitted to being psychic, or even interested in such things. If you said you were one, you’d be ostracized by society and your family and friends would disown you. Between the misconceptions from Hollywood movies, and the hotline that promised to tell you all about your life and ‘predict’ your future, the term got a bad rap. 

I have never liked the word psychic because it carries undeserved negative connotations. It is overused, inaccurate, and grossly misunderstood. Time to shed a very off-putting term that totally misrepresents. And time to move on to a new term that more accurately represents what many of us do and feel. I like it when people are accurate about their abilities. That is what I have come to honor and respect. The word psychic is out of my vocabulary and instead I use the term intuitive, intuitive reader, or intuitive healer.

Contrary to popular belief intuitives don’t know everything about everyone. It does not work like that. Imagine the sensory overload! And they don’t and shouldn’t ever predict the future. Why? Because you have free will, and you are always in charge of your own life. No one and nothing can change that. I have three pages devoted to clarity and truth about readings under my services menu: About Readings, Readings fact and fiction, and Before & After a reading.

People who read for others are highly intuitive, and more in touch with Spirit. They don’t see the future laid out before them. Anyone that tells you they can see your future and tells you what to do is full of it. It’s more like getting small snippets of advice from Spirit and/or your guides to help you on your path. I’ve heard it described like this: Getting a glimpse of the ‘other side’ is like looking at this other world through a hole the size of a pin prick. Your life is yours to create, and all any gifted intuitive person should do is be a go between, a connection, between you/your questions, and Spirit.

Note the term Guides, it’s pretty accurate. Spirit/your guides will never tell you what to do. They will never ever make a choice for you. It’s not their role. They don’t have the authority to push you through an open door. They will guide you, and show you options. You must make a choice for yourself. Think of it this way, every single moment in your life you are making a choice, even if you are not doing anything. I am reminded of lyrics from a song called Freewill by Rush. 

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Use readings for insights and guidance to make the best choices for your path forward. I would rather see someone never get a reading in their life, but instead work on honing their skills of intuition, than have a bad reading experience. I do intuitive readings to be a link between you and your guides if you have questions or want guidance. Don’t ever let anyone take the responsibility for running your life out of your hands. You are always in charge. You are the captain of your ship! Steer wisely! 

Comments, stories, opinions and personal insights are always welcome! 

The long exhale

The two years of unwinding on all levels after my divorce was a period I refer to as The Long Exhale. Being in a poisonous, dramatic, very chaotic environment for 18 years did some major damage. I recall the first day after my husband was kicked off the property by the police and the divorce was proceeding. I knew there was a huge shitstorm coming my way, because he was a supreme manipulator and a huge drama queen. He hated being challenged or bested and he was the ‘never give up’ kind of guy. I was in for the ride of my life, but I knew divorce was at hand. My life depended on it. The first day back at the property after I had just arrived home from work, I got out of the car, was greeted by my animals and heard myself say out loud “I’m going to be just fine!” I don’t even know what part of me said that! But it was nice to hear. I was a very happy camper to finally be out of that nightmare. I was now the captain of my own ship!

During the time of The Big Change, I dropped so much of my old life by the wayside. Dropped bad habits, old outdated ideas. I got my self confidence back bit by bit. The support came from many places: friends, Buddhist lectures, work and co-workers, taking up a life with horses, etc. Help manifested itself in so many ways. I had much to dump, much to relearn and so much to explore. It was like shedding an old skin that no longer suited me and being totally reborn, from head to toe. But it took a long time for this to happen. This sort of deep change comes slowly. But is well worth it.

The single life suits me very well and I never in my life thought I would be totally content and happy being single. My new life is very different than my old life, and all of it is by my own design. Things I want in my life are there, or coming into being. Things I don’t want have been tossed out, abandoned or given the heave-ho. In order to get to this new life, it took a lot of work, exploring, research and guts that I didn’t know I had. I would never trade this new life for anything else on the planet. But it took a lot of work to get to this point, this new level of living co-creatively.

If you have been through a rough patch, regardless of the length of time you were in it, please give yourself time to heal, adjust, renew, replenish, explore, test, and invent your new life. You have an opportunity to reinvent yourself. This will be a great time of growth. Give yourself and your body a huge break from being perfect or meeting anyone else’s expectations, especially your own. You may need a long exhale too.


What the heck is Universal Flow?

So, you ask what the heck is Universal Flow? You talk about it all the time and it’s one of the classes you teach. The answer boys and girls is, it’s the energetic flow of life all around you, and within you. This includes all of nature, emotions, feelings, people, and even places. You can tap into it, go with the flow, get a read on different situations and act accordingly. Much like surfing, there will be ups and downs in the flow, but you can learn to ride these waves.


It’s a place of feeling, sensing or knowing. Have you ever walked into a room and, without anyone saying a word, you can feel there is tension as thick as pea soup? That’s you sensing the Universal Flow in one particular flavor. Tension, which is fear based. Everyone in the room contributes to this in one form or another. They may be creating the tension by stirring the pot or confronting someone. Or they may be bystanders affected by witnessing the events unfolding.

You might feel a different flavor of Flow in a crowded event that is fun and uplifting. It’s not just your own emotions you are feeling, there is also Continue reading