Why you attract uncomfortable experiences: A better understanding of the Law of Attraction

I have wonderful friends that cheer me on when I’m having a difficult time. My friends have been a source of solace and comfort. For several years I’ve had an uncomfortable chronic condition that recently cleared up. When I am having an episode I sometimes tell my friends so they know I will be down for the count for a few days, unable to drive a vehicle, focus. It’s not a complaint, just a fact that is meant to inform and set expectations.  

Occasionally I get a response as follows: “Don’t attract that to yourself! Don’t talk like that or you will attract it to you!” Well I know they mean well but that advice seems rather out of place. It seems to go against the idea that I actually do have something chronic. To say otherwise is denial of the current moment. I’ve never gone wrong following the advice of Eckhart Tolle as teaches us in his quote:  

Accept — then act. Whatever the present moment contains,  
accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.  

On the face of it, the Law of Attraction seems to deny the current moment. How can that be? There seemed to be a naturally inherent conondrum with the Law of Attraction.

At first glance, the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to make room for things that are uncomfortable, annoying or upsetting but are very real. We are spiritual beings with a body so we have a spiritual side but we also have to take care of our body. So perhaps I am misunderstanding the Law of Attraction. If I’m going to accept the current moment, my chronic condition has been part of that reality. To say otherwise is to be deeply in denial.

Thanks to much pondering and a little help from a friend I came to realize what the problem might be. I was missing important information about how the Law of Attraction works. It involved my higher self. Perhaps my higher self is attracting this to my life for a reason I can’t see. I personally would never attract this condition to myself knowingly. That’s an absurd idea. Perhaps my higher self knows better. Perhaps it knows there is a silver lining to this cloud. Perhaps my higher self could see that I would be able to handle this condition, and this experience would change enough to enable me to see my world differently. 

One good thing that has come about due to the pressure is a long-held trait of mine is crumbling. A trait that served me well in the past no longer serves me now. I’ve taken off that heavy backpack called stubbornness and let it fall behind me with a loud clunk! Finally I’m changing my long-held beliefs about money, health, stress, and generally how to live life. I’m learning to find joy even on the worst days of an episode. I’m changing these long held beliefs because what used to work no longer works. Without the pressure of this condition, I would never have changed my beliefs. New perspectives abounds!  

This is the only way the Law of Attraction makes sense to me in terms of not being in denial of the current moment. In terms of attracting things to me, I may not consciously be attracting a chronic condition. But my higher self sees a greater purpose. We don’t always have access to our higher self’s plan for our life. Part of the plan is for us to not know every turn the road takes. Knowing what is ahead would greatly diminish wisdom gained from experience. The key is to remember the Law of Attraction is also working with your higher self. That’s why we may have experiences that are uncomfortable and downright irritating. If you are trying to come to terms with why something is happening that is not what you want to attract to yourself, perhaps your higher self knows better. It’s a plan greater than ourselves. 

I have always trusted information I get psychically and I trust that I am exactly where I should be at any given moment. Realizing the higher path/higher self angle means I have to trust—have faith—that things are unfolding as they should. Dropping the backpack of stubbornness has been an incredibly life-changing experience!  

2 thoughts on “Why you attract uncomfortable experiences: A better understanding of the Law of Attraction

  1. This is what I have come to understand as a mature understanding of joie de vivre, the French phrase meaning having an exuberance for life. But any French person would tell you that there is more meaning to this phrase. It’s a choosing of joyful living while understanding that life is often not easy and can be quite painful. An acceptance of that comes first, then action, while always choosing to be observant of beauty, grateful for life, living to the fullest….this is what the phrase really means. It does not mean an easy life. It means choosing a joyful one in any circumstance. Thanks for sharing!

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