Problems solving themselves: moving to the next level

All this year I have felt there has been a doorway to my energy, constantly opening and shutting. One day fully open, tons of energy, drive and good feelings abound. The next day it’s closed, no energy, no focus, no drive, nada. Like going through a revolving door and not getting anywhere but experiencing the frenetic thwump-thwuming of the door going round and round. Happy for the good days. Dismayed and frustrated at the bad.

Recently everything changed. I don’t know any other way to put it, but it seems many long-standing problems I’ve been dealing with are solving themselves.

In my last post I talk about having oral surgery where a cyst was removed from my mouth. Weeks later I discovered having that surgery solved my painful bout with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have been on very powerful meds for face and tooth nerve pain for six years for TN. It’s not something you expect to ever be cured of. Yet, it happened. A close friend of mine intuited for years that someday that pain would simply be gone. She was right. We are talking a major miracle. I’m still in awe.

I’ve had ongoing pain in my shoulders and arms. Bursitis is painful and can be ongoing. I found a series of helpful videos online from Brad and Bob, and in two days my painful bursitis is in check, no steroid shot or doctor visit needed like last time. I’m learning to take it easier on myself than my normal level of energy asks for, and am taking care of me first. That’s hard and it is still frustrating to have to slow down in order to feel better. Since the entire globe is slowing down, I might as well learn from that. I’m still adjusting to slowing down on purpose, being kinder to my body.

Another long-standing issue with a neighbor and his daily yard fires suddenly shifted 180 degrees. We are back on friendly terms, happily chatting and careful about how we treat each other. Never saw that resolution coming! A friend suggested that energy would shift. I didn’t believe that could happen but I experienced it first hand. It’s amazing what can happen, despite worry to the contrary.

A long-standing issue with IBS has been dogging me for over a decade. Recently it’s been so bad I’ve been in bed for days unable to move, totally exhausted and dehydrated. I’ve been to four doctors who said there was not much hope. I researched FODMAPs, kept a journal to find stress points, even started hypnotherapy treatments. Two days ago the answer came to me as I walked across the room. BOOM. Like being struck by lightning. Since I was too exhausted to even think, Spirit saw a chance to enlighten. Apparently I can’t tolerate acid from foods, especially those in the nightshade family. A frustrating problem answered in a moment of clarity. It’s like having my life back. I am elated!

Months ago a former employer reached out to me with an offer of freelance work. I was dreading having to reject the offer. The job was too large for me to handle in scope and length, and I knew it. Furthermore, I love my current job and want to be fresh for it every day. I also cherish my free time and guard it jealously. The problem was my client wanted me, not anyone else. So I asked the Universe for a resolution.

On the phone call where I was being made the offer, I promised myself I’d listen and be honest. At the last moment the answer came to me. I suggested a former co-worker and friend be offered the job. Jackpot! It’s a win, win, win. The client gets a younger, more enthusiastic artist with a bonus of illustration skills. My friend gets the extra income for his wife and two kids who are homeschooled, and I get to have the life I want with a good balance already in place without having to disappoint anyone. The answer fell in my lap. Once again, I didn’t see the answer coming. And believe me, I look for answers everywhere.

It seems this is my year to have answers to long awaited issues. I feel I have moved to the next level. It comes after what seems like months of work, then stagnation and uncertainty. But that’s how moving to the next level often happens. Starting out with ideas and enthusiasm and lots of work. Then acres of time where nothing seems to be happening. And finally out the blue suddenly leaping forward—ZOOM! You bound over things easily finding yourself catapulted forward in a new environment. Everything is fresh and new.

Look for hope when you feel stuck. Know answers will eventually show themselves. Be patient with yourself and all the unseen assistance you have. You won’t always see the answer until it’s right there in front of you. And often, it happens all in a short space of time. Like all the planets are aligned, all the pieces falling into place.

Sign me, deeply in gratitude!

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