Where the rubber meets the road

I am the kind of person who loves every blade of grass. My home and yard are neat, not out of control, and the wildflowers in summer are riotous! Birds come from all over to eat at the buffet I offer them. I’m tickled they visit. Lizards, centipedes and even snakes are welcome (Snakes usually pass through quickly and should be respected). Spiders are welcome in the house, as long as they are not big enough to pay rent. If they are large, then they either have to pony up the rent, or move out! I keep my place as natural as I can. Nature is critically important to my life.

High Desert photo by Patty D.

I’d like to think I am an ideal neighbor. I keep my own yard free of clutter and junk. I’ll watch someone’s yard, plants, and animals. Watch to see the horses are not colicking. Make sure there is no suspicious activity going on while they are out of town. Turn off the iron if it’s left on and I get a frantic call. And babysit dogs and kitties. My friends all know they can come for tea and chocolate, which really means, a safe haven for talking about their troubles, or life in general. What happens at Patty’s stays at Patty’s. I try and be a bright light in my small community. Treat others as you want to be treated.

You may have read recently about my troubles with my neighbor to the south a few days ago. Today a bulldozer was next door at my neighbor to the north. A BULLDOZER? Some big picture thing is going on for me. I’ve never had this level of activity, so close together, so close in proximity to my home and all I hold dear.

Apparently the new neighbor next door wanted “a better view.” So, he took down nature to see…more nature. When you move out to the sticks, why would you go tearing most of it down to have a good view? I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel about this.

Yes, I realize it is not my property. And I was treated with respect when the dozer came near my property line and trees late this afternoon. I knew everyone involved: The landlord, his uncle, and the old-pro bulldozer driver. He is a respected person in the community. I realize I can’t tell other people what to do. I can’t make them want to live the life I wish to live, which is a life out in nature, beautiful, untouched as possible. I’m sure they felt they were doing a great thing. To me it is an abomination and a crime against nature. It made me sick to my stomach.

I realized getting angry about it in public only stirs the pot. I’m not the nature police. All I could do was take care of my own property, making sure they didn’t take down my trees on the property line. I have no control over policing the riparian laws that were being severely violated as they dozed the bank a mere ten feet from the river. That violates a ton of riparian laws. For me letting that drop, that was the first time I had the wisdom to know what was mine to handle, and what I should let go of. For me that was big. I let go of something I’d otherwise hang onto like a dog with a bone. It’s not mine to deal with. Don’t stress over things you don’t have control over. The earth will repair herself. The animals will adjust, in fact, way better than us humans will.

As the dozer came through the brush, breaking and cracking old trees along the river bank—trees that would no longer hold back the soil, or hold nests, or birds—I felt quiet and oddly at peace. I sent love. It was all I could do. Getting mad at this point was useless. That’s the second time in three days I have sent love directly to someone for something that I did not want to happen. It’s the second time in three days I realized when I have no control over something, I have to go with the flow. To do otherwise is to push the river, to deny what the present moment brings. I must live side-by-side with humans with opinions and thoughts contrary to mine.

With all this upset, threatening my own hard fought for property and home on both sides, I feel strongly these past few days that I am on the wrong planet. A place where people have no respect for nature or others. Is this really my planet of choice? Is this really my life of choice? How did I get here? Where can I go where this won’t happen? No use thinking those kind of thoughts. Let’s buckle down and deal with the present moment. Why? Because this is where the rubber meets the road. Where all the spiritual stuff I have learned from my favorite guru’s have to come into play, real time, no technology giving me a pithy meme or YouTube video to absorb. It all comes down to how I choose to act in the moment, right now.

At least I feel I am getting better at this. More mature. I would like to give myself a passing grade for today. I could have flown off the handle, or gotten manic and panicky about it. Instead I sat and sent love, during the most awful, difficult part of the day. That act shifted the energy greatly. It taught me a new way of being.

It’s all over and done with and my house is quiet, dogs sleeping on the floor. I’ve got seed out for all the birds on the wing today. They all know they are welcome here any time. I feel glad that at least I have a firm connection with Mother Earth, and always will. I still have my little acre of heaven here on earth, despite having a few crazy neighbors. I just have to look out for my own while at the same time helping the consciousness of the planet evolve, one silent act at a time. Now…let’s have a look out the window and watch for those quail!

5 thoughts on “Where the rubber meets the road

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    • Thanks, Barb! This was the easiest, and hardest blog entry to write. I normally agonize for days over each word. I guess things that hit us at our core are easier to express. I am thankful for you sharing my post! Love and Hugs, Patty.

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      • My pleasure Patty. The last few that you’ve written have been filled with so much love. Things were happening that would bring out the worst in most people, but not you my darling.

        To rise above it to receive the full view. Then the words fill that core and are ready to fall to the page. Love it! Much love and hugs to you!


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