Chickens brought insights on being a foodie

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If you are ever in doubt of your foodie status, get chickens. You will find yourself surfing the internet for articles, especially the reader comments at the end, scouring for great information, hints, and tips on recipes…for your chickens. You’ll be buying stuff you’ve never purchased before—perfectly good People food—and whomping it all up in your food processor for your birds. You’ll discover that hanging a raw read of cabbage in a net will entertain your lady hens for hours! Who knew chickens would devour a banana? Not me—until now.

It all started with reading the book Pupcakes, and making dog treats last winter. I could bake cheaper than buying and I’d know all the ingredients were fresh and dog friendly.

banana PButter muffins

Then I moved on to horse treats. My horses loved the treats! No more buying expensive treats made of unknown ingredients. Everything is fresh and healthy this way.


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