Cut the ties that bind, even though you loved them.

In December I started the Spring clean up, throwing out, and general re-org of pretty much everything in my life. I do this about every six months. The KonMarie method was new and I wanted to try it. As a result I made some big discoveries. I decided to sell my glass bead making torch, tools, all glass, the whole enchilada. That was a huge step for me. I’ve been at that hobby for almost 17 years. But in the last few years I had not been at the torch much. My studio was in an old building on my property where silt and dust collected daily. You can’t work with glass and sand and dirt. Should I ever want to take up this wonderful hobby again, I would get new equipment, a different torch, and work in a larger format.

Sample from my work at the torch

I can’t stress how large a step this was for me to take. I was very passionate about it, and still am. Yet I was so excited and happy to be letting it go, having the courage to let it go to a worthy soul. On the chopping block is my photography equipment. Big, big step forward. I have been passionate about photography most all my life, getting my first camera as a pre-teen. My first Girl Scout badge was in photography. This particular equipment is older, and I will use a different brand if I decided to take up the hobby again. Time to let it go.

Letting things go begs the question (self-examination) of why I am still hanging on to these items. My feel-good giddiness when I think of these items comes from lovely memories of time spent, either alone in my studio deep into the vibe of creating, or out and about taking photos having a blast with the community. I’d rather dial up those giddy feelings by having new adventures! Letting go of things that seemed so ingrained in me was a revelation of freedom I had not expected to find in the thought and act of releasing. The vibe of the destructive-creator can be beneficial.

I have taken down lovely websites with years worth of photography, cancelled domain names, and cut this website in half. My goals have changed. I was wasting money and more importantly, energy, on these sites. Even if these sites sit silent for months on end, that energy sits stagnant and it is part of you! Break free from it. Everything is energy. Sometimes things can be so in the background that you have forgotten you even pay for them or have them attached to you and your energy field. Your life.

Cut the strands that don’t serve any more, as old and comfortable, and loved as they are.

I am also selling my jewelry making supplies, seed beads, tools, the whole shebang. I was reluctant to let my lovely items go, but my hands are not meant for such small work, and I have had my fun with it. I was hoping a father would come along and help his daughter get into this hobby. I wanted someone who I could foster by giving up my beloved items.

Finally after much hesitation I placed the ad, and the same day a man answered. A man who’s daughter is taking up the hobby! The Universe heard me and sent me someone. He wants to trade me for classes he teaches…in blacksmithing! Talk about getting out and about! Yes, this just might work. I hope we can make an exchange to our mutual satisfaction.

Honestly it felt so good to release all these things that seemed to not fit my current life, even though they were very important to me in the past. These things seemed to be a part of my very personality, the very fabric of my being. How could I not be a photographer? How could I not work with hot glass? Having the courage to consider letting these parts of me go was a revelation. I never felt better! Even though at one time they sparked joy, it sparked more joy to let things go! With gratitude I let it all go, at the same time, leaving space for allowing the new to come in. ❤

Comments are welcome. “Likes” tell me someone is listening. Love and Light, Patty

8 thoughts on “Cut the ties that bind, even though you loved them.

    • Thank you for the comment. Letting go of these things, which at one time were all very big in my life, felt good. It took a stick of dynamite to get me to see this and feel it. Thanks as well for your lovely blog! I read it every day. ❤

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  2. That is an awesome sharing. Thank you greatly. I really like how you added that the letting go of the old is also making room for the new. I don’t think many of us view it that way. Would it be fair to say, if someone thinks they need to get rid of something cuz they just don’t use it no more, but still feels an attachment to it, then they maybe should keep it? That could be tough for a sentimental type person.

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    • Ren, it depends on what brings you more happiness. keeping it for sentimental reasons or letting it go. It’s all up to you, with no judgment. Whatever ‘sparks joy’ is how you know to keep it. 😀 ❤

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  3. So important to make a distinction between what once brought happiness and what’s next….and to realize that past happiness is something we always have. Thanks for this and for you!

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  4. Was just looking over your posts again and this one seemed prescient in a way — clearing out the old to welcome the new — that happened with your job, too. Now you have open and clear skies ahead. You are in a good spot. The possibilities! ❤️

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