On Manifesting

A friend recently asked if I journaled about my manifesting in a public way on my blog. You know, a way to share what I have manifested. I said no, but what a great idea. It might inspire and inform others about manifesting, how it looks, what the results may be. Many times in manifesting I get things in a totally different way than I asked, or it comes in a different form. Sometimes things come lickity split and other times things come slowly, or not at all (or not yet). I will share my manifesting in a monthly digest in this blog.

Manifesting Examples

Yard/wood cleanup: I wanted my yard cleaned of a huge pile of branches, lumber pieces and other burnable wood. Neighborhood guys in need came and took the huge pile away in three loads. I love clearing space like this. It really helps move stuck energy. It’s also a win-win situation which is the best part of all!

Styrofoam for construction: My partner in crime, who often helps me with carpentry and building projects around my house, mentioned to me that he would love it if I could get a huge pile of around 30 sheets of 2x4x8 styrofoam back from a neighbor I had gifted it to years ago. The styrofoam was never used and the recipient is not well enough to do handy work around the house. We know he won’t be using it. Only a few days later my neighbor’s wife asked if I wanted the foam sheets back because they were cleaning up their yard. There are at least 30 sheets and years back they cost me $20 per sheet. I said absolutely! Perfect timing. And, yay! Another win-win.

Vet bills and winter hay. I received money within only three days of each other, all from unexpected sources, to pay for the winter hay and vet bills. I got a refund from my dentist because the insurance company covered more than expected; I was asked to do a photoshoot which netted me hay money (and I don’t do photoshoots anymore); and I received two months worth of a retroactive raise on my paycheck.

Heavy duty truck and horse trailer. A few years back I made a vision board with everything on it I wanted to manifest. In the center of this was a large heavy duty truck with horse trailer on the back. With my current salary I would not be able to support this extravagant purchase. But I so wanted this to happen! The house next to me had a new renter move in. After we became friends, he bought a horse. But all we could do was saddle up and ride down the side of a very narrow and heavily traveled road. The horses were nervous in this situation and it really limited our scope of riding. My new neighbor had a heavy duty truck. After some discussion, we shopped around and got a nice, simple 3-slant trailer. I paid nothing for it at his insistence, even though I was willing to go in 50/50. My name is on the title, also at his insistence. Sweet! Now I ride almost anywhere I want, have a respectful and fun riding partner, and the use of the perfect truck and trailer at my disposal.

Money/Abundance from Unexpected Places

From the above story about hay and vet bills, let me talk for a minute about the way I received the money. In no way did I expect any of those three sources of income, nor could I foresee money coming to me at all. Yet there it was! You don’t have to win the lottery or have a long lost relative will you money to be supported by the Universe. Abundance can come in very unexpected ways. A friend recently was going through old bills and found an unopened envelope. There was a refund check from an old car insurance provider leftover from when she switched insurances. It came at exactly the time she needed it.

In the truck and horse trailer story above, I could never have imagined they would have manifested in this way. Think of it like this, the truck and trailer are not things I need to own. They are a means to an end—a way to get to places I want to ride. This is a form of abundance that did not involve the use of money on my part. I never imagined that could happen, and it was an eye opener for me. Let go of how things will manifest and be open to it coming to you in a form you may not have thought of. You never know when money or abundance in its many forms will find you!

Vision Board Manifestations

Vision boards are a wonderful way to manifest. They can be virtual, by using images from the internet, or you can cut out images or print them out and do one on paper to put up in your living space. Pinterest might be a great resource for inspiration, and/or for keeping your own images in a virtual vision board. Everything on my 2014 vision board was manifested that year. I paid all my bills and was debt free. I got a new camera and new lenses, and did a lot more photography, learning along the way. I rode a lot more that year, and had a lot more fun, and I had use of a lovely truck and trailer for my horses. I can’t wait to make my new vision board for the coming year.

Fast Manifesting

One day I was shopping online for a new quilt for my bed. Winter was coming on and I wanted something fluffy and warm. Not more than two hours later I was dropping off recyclable items at an area where they had clean bins out for paper, glass and the like. As I was throwing out cardboard into a large bin, I noticed a large lovely quilt in the dumpster. Someone had thought this was a regular dumpster or one for household donations. It was a designer name quilt. I examined it and it was lovely and high quality, no flaws at all. But it was not a design or color I liked. Close but no cigar. I decided to leave it where it was for someone else to claim. Here was an example of manifesting things so fast, but not really asking for something more specific. I had to laugh at how quickly the Universe said, “Hey here is a great quilt!” Now I am more mindful of asking for exactly what I want, but still being open to something a bit different. Sometimes manifesting comes within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Very cool!

Ask for What You Want

When you are at the grocery store ask for things you want. That is, ask Spirit to manifest something you want but can’t find.I did that one day with fresh basil. I needed fresh basil for a large salad I was making. It called for fresh, not dried basil and I knew it was a key ingredient for the right flavor. After spending quite some time looking with no success I asked Spirit, “Please direct me to fresh basil! It’s summer and there must be a huge supply of it somewhere in this store. I know it is here, please show me where it is.” Then I let go of the request and went back to shopping. Almost immediately I was drawn to a huge pile of avocados, far from where the fresh basil should have been. I walked over to the avocados and as I was reaching out for one, my eye went to a display just beneath the tower of avocados. Loads and loads of tomatoes and fresh basil! They had moved the basil to be next to the tomatoes, which is a natural pairing. That’s an example of manifesting that is not on a huge Hollywood scale. Start small peeps.

Get Started Manifesting

I teach this in my Intuition class. Start small and go from there. Start by manifesting the perfect parking space anytime you go out and about. If you don’t drive, you can modify this idea to suit your situation. Do you take the subway? Imagine a great seat and the train arriving on time. Do you bike? Imagine a perfect place to park your bike. Imagine a safe arrival and that your bike will be protected until you return. Start small and build on your results. Have faith! Imagine what you want clearly, then let it go. Expect good results, don’t demand, be open to how things manifest, and always be in gratitude!

I encourage my readers to share examples of manifesting in the reply section, for the greater good of all. 🙂

4 thoughts on “On Manifesting

  1. Hi cowgirlfriend,

    I just tried to post a comment to your blog and it won’t let me. It requires my log in to WordPress, but then it won’t accept it. Too frustrating to keep fiddling with. Just wanted to let you know how much I liked that post. G



  2. Another wonderfully informative post, Patty. Thank you!
    Not sure if my ‘share’ is manifestation or synchronicity or what…..

    For nearly a decade, my adult son and I have wanted to go to Colorado. We have both lived in Michigan our whole lives. Our living situations ”changed” in such a way, that we HAD to unexpectedly move. Early November, we packed our few possessions and drove west for Colorado.
    Upon arriving, the weather was unseasonably warm. The locals were astonished! with the 70 – 80 degree temps. How blessed we felt.



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