From too many emails to saving the world!

Do you ever go through your email inbox and think, oh my look at that offer! Free videos and classes. Free book chapter, free recipe, free this and free that. Learn this and that. I get emails from professional people I really admire, from news sources I really trust, and from other interesting miscellaneous sources. Along with those are emails begging please rate this thing you bought, this service you tried, rate your flight, car rental, the meds you bought for your dog, help our cause and sign a very important petition about politics, world health, endangered species, food labeling and GMO, clean water and what have you. I can’t even get past reading one Kindle book without it putting me in an almost endless loop of ‘please rate this book’ along with wanting a written review. Even spiritual and metaphysical emails, which I want to learn more about are daunting. I seem to magically sign up for newsletters I know I never signed up for. I don’t do that to my clients. Why do people think that if you bought a gadget, it means you want to get a newsletter from them?

It all adds up. It seems a bit intimidating and makes me feel like I am in demand, in a way I don’t want to be. This world is becoming too fond of no boundaries in terms of sharing too much information, including social networking, and personalized advertising. These days there are no secrets and everything seems much too transparent and shared. I like blogs because you have to sign up for them. FB I do not like, and hope to someday cut the cord. If not for my two businesses, I would have left long ago. (FB is part of the not-so-fun modern day marketing that is very abhorrent to me, yet I feel forced to use it. I am hoping to change that.)

I think part of my problem has been I am the eternal student, driven to improve myself. I thrive on self-help and continual learning about my life’s situation, bent on improving. I love to learn! I love life and part of that is exploring what other people have learned, are talking about, suggest, and can teach me about. So much is out there and I want to learn and never stop. But enough is enough. I have drawn my line in the sand.

At age 59 I feel that my ‘quality’ time on earth is limited to about 15–20 more years of really being in the game and being productive. I want to make the most of my remaining years, so I can bring more joy to the lives of others and in that way be fulfilled. I want to help others live their best life, and help people get over obstacles in their life.

My solution for the emails is to weed through it all and unsubscribe from those that don’t rise to the top of my list, really. Even from people I know and admire. Like doing spring cleaning. Don’t rate any service or item purchased. Keep emails that intrigue me and I want to follow up on. If I have not acted on it in a week, out it goes. Make it count or dump it out. 

Another thing on my mind as I contemplate the use of my scarce free time is my teaching business. It’s not really even off the ground yet and marketing is such a pain in the patootie. Much modern day marketing is supposed to be email and social networking based. I hate the modern day way people market, and all the ‘shezam’ and ‘shizzle’ that goes with it. It’s not for me. I don’t want to clog others inboxes with super long marketing emails on a daily or even weekly basis. I keep this in mind as I ponder the email dilemma.

As I was cleaning up my yard, I figured out how to move forward in my business with authenticity, without all the marketing glam. For now. I am hoping this leads me to my more organic, authentic, fun way of marketing without it feeling like marketing at all. My epiphany is to spend my spare time focusing on helping others directly. Today I’ll work on getting what are called north and south nodes information together for a friend. It is part of astrology (and therefore tarot) that really helps with getting over blocks, and helping you realize what to work on in this lifetime. I believe by serving others, I will move myself forward in a way the world needs me to be of service. I believe the Law of Attraction and Abundance will bring people to me that need assistance. I believe the energy I will hold and expend will attract more of what I need in my life, so I can serve others. See how we got from too many emails to saving the world? Nice isn’t it!

What do you think? I would love, love, love to hear from you. Feedback, or your own stories, or your opinion. 

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