Strange energies abound—How about you?

The following is mostly word-for-word between myself and a long time friend. It pretty much describes the feeling of being in a holding pattern, being involved, yet not seeming to get anywhere despite lots of work. Not quite stuck, but not going anywhere yet. Experiencing some of the crazy energy patterns at this time of great change. My friends response to me was articulate in a way that is clearer than I could have described it. Plus she hit the nail on the head several times. Read on.

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Dear Faye,

I have this feeling of not being able to land….and flying round in the air instead. Yup. That’s the stuck feeling I have been in for a while. Stuck is really too harsh a word. It’s more like a holding pattern. I feel like I’m doing everything right, but things are not aligned yet. Much is happening on many fronts, but I don’t feel like I am moving forward exactly. It does not feel wrong by any means. I can’t go back to where I was, and going forward is not quite ‘a go’ even though I know what I need to do. I also feel exhaustion off and on. Mostly on. What’s your take on it? Are you experiencing the same thing?

Dear Patty,

This energy lately has been hard. That’s the only word I have for it. I can see everyone around me stressed all at the same time. Sometimes interactions are coming out sideways.

I know that every moment there is a choice to buy into the negative expiring energy or relax and find the fresh and new. Sometimes I fall back into patterns and “everything sucks, this isn’t fair, etc.” Other times I am able to take a breath and rise above. Either way it’s hard to stay unaffected.

It’s feels like watching that storm happening outside. You know you are inside where it is warm and dry. You know it’s unlikely a tree will fall on your house or a tornado will tear off your roof, but you still can’t really relax until the storm passes.

Interesting thing is that I am noticing more and more people that seem asleep. I don’t know if that means I am becoming more aware or just that energy changes are highlighting things.

The other day I needed to drive downtown. I was passed by a car going too fast who cut me off. You know the situation: I’m following a car going the speed of traffic, who is following another car ahead of you, etc., etc. There really is nowhere to go faster than the crowd, but yet, this person just “needs” to pass you because you’re not going fast enough. We drove together for 20 minutes. I went the speed of traffic. They tried to pass and weave and get ahead. We arrived down town literally side-by-side, but I think we had much different trips.

I’m trying really hard to not be the person in that car who is not recognizing that they have a choice. They are only making it difficult for themselves and less enjoyable for others traveling with them.

I resonated so deeply with her response. She said it better than I could have. I loved to hear her perspective on things since we seem to have parallel experiences in the Jungles of Time and Space. The storm analogy gave me chills and I felt that was true for me. I feel like I am part of a huge worldwide energy storm, witnessing it in action as I sit on the sidelines in wonder and awe. Sometimes I have to get dressed in my mukluks and macintosh and go out and be in that storm. Sometimes I can sit on the sidelines. One thing is true, no one can get out from under what we are experiencing now. We are all in it. Some feel safer than others and some are more affected by it. Some days are great, some days I’m Dorothy in the cyclone.

The story of the driver of the other car is a great reminder to me to slow down my thinking and return to center when I am in a panic. Being in a panic is not being very grounded or spiritually connected. It happens to all of us. It’s a crazy disjointed way to expend energy since you can’t get to where you want to go any faster than the ‘traffic’ around you. I have to remind myself what is going on in the outer world is not always serving the highest good, and to take note of it, and act/or not, accordingly. I hate it when I have relapses of panic or frustration. They seem to happen almost daily with life’s little ups and downs. It feels a little embarrassing to lose my cool or get flustered. Conversely if I see others in a panic, rage, frustrated or doing other similar activities, I like to be the space for them to do what they need to, and send love. 

This is another way meditation helps. As soon as you notice you are off track, gently return to center without judgment. My image is like moving a bubble with a feather. Gently acknowledge you were off track and return to grace. You can do this anytime, not just in meditation. That’s as graceful as it gets. Every time you return to center is a victory. Even if you feel you were the bull in the China shop. Every time you return to center makes it easier to do it next time. And it energetically helps everyone else.

Make some small movement and things that have felt stuck will eventually shift. Give it time. keep forging ahead in little ways each day. There will be periods of rest that seem like stagnation. Nothing is stagnant. Trust me on this. Every day I do get better and better. Some days I feel the weight of many more years of ‘stuff’ to get through. Some days I feel like I am one of the lucky ones to be on earth at this time. Elated, energized and ready to rock!

If you need inspiration, keep in mind it’s not just all about you, or me, or one individual. It’s not even just about your town, the country or the planet. Spirit is always learning from us. I always think of it this way, Spirit is helping us and we are the ones in the trenches. They admire us for being on the front lines. You are a trailblazer right along with the best of them. So keep on keepin’ on, and be good to your fellow travelers along the way.

On Manifesting

A friend recently asked if I journaled about my manifesting in a public way on my blog. You know, a way to share what I have manifested. I said no, but what a great idea. It might inspire and inform others about manifesting, how it looks, what the results may be. Many times in manifesting I get things in a totally different way than I asked, or it comes in a different form. Sometimes things come lickity split and other times things come slowly, or not at all (or not yet). I will share my manifesting in a monthly digest in this blog.

Manifesting Examples

Yard/wood cleanup: I wanted my yard cleaned of a huge pile of branches, lumber pieces and other burnable wood. Neighborhood guys in need came and took the huge pile away in three loads. I love clearing space like this. It really helps move stuck energy. It’s also a win-win situation which is the best part of all!

Styrofoam for construction: My partner in crime, who often helps me with carpentry and building projects around my house, mentioned to me that he would love it if I could get a huge pile of around 30 sheets of 2x4x8 styrofoam back from a neighbor I had gifted it to years ago. The styrofoam was never used and the recipient is not well enough to do handy work around the house. We know he won’t be using it. Only a few days later my neighbor’s wife asked if I wanted the foam sheets back because they were cleaning up their yard. There are at least 30 sheets and years back they cost me $20 per sheet. I said absolutely! Perfect timing. And, yay! Another win-win.

Vet bills and winter hay. I received money within only three days of each other, all from unexpected sources, to pay for the winter hay and vet bills. I got a refund from my dentist because the insurance company covered more than expected; I was asked to do a photoshoot which netted me hay money (and I don’t do photoshoots anymore); and I received two months worth of a retroactive raise on my paycheck.

Heavy duty truck and horse trailer. A few years back I made a vision board with everything on it I wanted to manifest. In the center of this was a large heavy duty truck with horse trailer on the back. With my current salary I would not be able to support this extravagant purchase. But I so wanted this to happen! The house next to me had a new renter move in. After we became friends, he bought a horse. But all we could do was saddle up and ride down the side of a very narrow and heavily traveled road. The horses were nervous in this situation and it really limited our scope of riding. My new neighbor had a heavy duty truck. After some discussion, we shopped around and got a nice, simple 3-slant trailer. I paid nothing for it at his insistence, even though I was willing to go in 50/50. My name is on the title, also at his insistence. Sweet! Now I ride almost anywhere I want, have a respectful and fun riding partner, and the use of the perfect truck and trailer at my disposal.

Money/Abundance from Unexpected Places

From the above story about hay and vet bills, let me talk for a minute about the way I received the money. In no way did I expect any of those three sources of income, nor could I foresee money coming to me at all. Yet there it was! You don’t have to win the lottery or have a long lost relative will you money to be supported by the Universe. Abundance can come in very unexpected ways. A friend recently was going through old bills and found an unopened envelope. There was a refund check from an old car insurance provider leftover from when she switched insurances. It came at exactly the time she needed it.

In the truck and horse trailer story above, I could never have imagined they would have manifested in this way. Think of it like this, the truck and trailer are not things I need to own. They are a means to an end—a way to get to places I want to ride. This is a form of abundance that did not involve the use of money on my part. I never imagined that could happen, and it was an eye opener for me. Let go of how things will manifest and be open to it coming to you in a form you may not have thought of. You never know when money or abundance in its many forms will find you!

Vision Board Manifestations

Vision boards are a wonderful way to manifest. They can be virtual, by using images from the internet, or you can cut out images or print them out and do one on paper to put up in your living space. Pinterest might be a great resource for inspiration, and/or for keeping your own images in a virtual vision board. Everything on my 2014 vision board was manifested that year. I paid all my bills and was debt free. I got a new camera and new lenses, and did a lot more photography, learning along the way. I rode a lot more that year, and had a lot more fun, and I had use of a lovely truck and trailer for my horses. I can’t wait to make my new vision board for the coming year.

Fast Manifesting

One day I was shopping online for a new quilt for my bed. Winter was coming on and I wanted something fluffy and warm. Not more than two hours later I was dropping off recyclable items at an area where they had clean bins out for paper, glass and the like. As I was throwing out cardboard into a large bin, I noticed a large lovely quilt in the dumpster. Someone had thought this was a regular dumpster or one for household donations. It was a designer name quilt. I examined it and it was lovely and high quality, no flaws at all. But it was not a design or color I liked. Close but no cigar. I decided to leave it where it was for someone else to claim. Here was an example of manifesting things so fast, but not really asking for something more specific. I had to laugh at how quickly the Universe said, “Hey here is a great quilt!” Now I am more mindful of asking for exactly what I want, but still being open to something a bit different. Sometimes manifesting comes within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Very cool!

Ask for What You Want

When you are at the grocery store ask for things you want. That is, ask Spirit to manifest something you want but can’t find.I did that one day with fresh basil. I needed fresh basil for a large salad I was making. It called for fresh, not dried basil and I knew it was a key ingredient for the right flavor. After spending quite some time looking with no success I asked Spirit, “Please direct me to fresh basil! It’s summer and there must be a huge supply of it somewhere in this store. I know it is here, please show me where it is.” Then I let go of the request and went back to shopping. Almost immediately I was drawn to a huge pile of avocados, far from where the fresh basil should have been. I walked over to the avocados and as I was reaching out for one, my eye went to a display just beneath the tower of avocados. Loads and loads of tomatoes and fresh basil! They had moved the basil to be next to the tomatoes, which is a natural pairing. That’s an example of manifesting that is not on a huge Hollywood scale. Start small peeps.

Get Started Manifesting

I teach this in my Intuition class. Start small and go from there. Start by manifesting the perfect parking space anytime you go out and about. If you don’t drive, you can modify this idea to suit your situation. Do you take the subway? Imagine a great seat and the train arriving on time. Do you bike? Imagine a perfect place to park your bike. Imagine a safe arrival and that your bike will be protected until you return. Start small and build on your results. Have faith! Imagine what you want clearly, then let it go. Expect good results, don’t demand, be open to how things manifest, and always be in gratitude!

I encourage my readers to share examples of manifesting in the reply section, for the greater good of all. 🙂

Note to self: Begging is not co-creating

Funny how a simple statement like the headline above has to be learned. Last week Friday I discovered all three dogs had cattle ticks deep in their ears. In the past they have had to go under anesthesia to remove ticks from the ear drum. Expensive time consuming, hard on the animal, and disruptive. Situations like these can bring on a mild panic. My regular vet was out of town so I had to make some calls. Finally I found a place that would take all three dogs. Small miracle! As a friend put it, I did a great job of co-creating to make that happen, through a passionate heart. (I love feedback like that.) So far so good.

As the day unfolded, what would normally be a stressful situation was somehow okay. I noticed a small tug when I felt panic rising about what could be an expensive, time consuming aftercare nightmare. This tug I felt made me feel more grounded. More calm. I gave credit to this new feeling to meditating regularly using Headspace. (Thanks Judy!) Meditating is relatively new for me and without the Headspace app, it would not be possible. As a result I am making progress in handling what life throws me. I am continually finding places to improve that will help me feel more grounded in all situations. Life takes practice. Often one small step at a time.

After the vet visit, in my rush to get back home, I realized one dog had no ticks but still had ear problems and I had not discussed it with the vet. The pain would send my dog rocketing across the room in a fright. Through the weekend we were unable to sleep. Monday I took him to the vet again, and we decided to have him neutered while he was under anesthesia for the ear checkup. It was long overdue and would be nice to get that out of the way.

Life can be stressful with a recovering animal. This particular pet goes into freakout mode so easily. I live 42 miles from work (one way). I spend time planning and making sure everything’s hunky dory so I can care for my pets and fit the rest of life in there somehow. I can’t run an errand or grocery shop with a pet in the car it’s too hot here yet. Too much activity wears me out. I needed to be able to care for my dog, Goat Cheese, and have a clear mind for my job. (Cochise is his name, but it’s hard for many to pronounce, so we call him Goat Cheese.) I had already taken most of Friday off for the first dog emergency and I felt bad about having to take more time off. Time to talk to Spirit.

As I was driving to the vet to pick up Goat Cheese after his surgery, I was talking to Spirit asking “Please make sure everything is great….so I don’t freak out. So I can handle it.” But I stopped mid sentence and changed my mind altogether. My plea did not sound right. I thought, hey let’s do it a new way instead. Let’s confirm with Spirit that I will handle anything that comes my way. Small changes can bring big results. My new wording was a complete reversal. Asking for things to be okay is begging and that didn’t feel right to me. By changing my verbiage, I am affirming with with Spirit that I will be able to handle anything, as in “I can do this.” This felt much more positive, light and happy. In fact it felt very freeing! I was filled with confidence and I was happy! You can’t help but be happy when you know you can handle anything. This was a way of positively anticipating feelings of groundlessness or anything contrary to the norm. More growth!

Spiritually minded people know the time of duality is ending and oneness is coming. But right now we are all in the trenches, and life is going to present us with a lot of chaos. No one wants this. We all want a relatively stress free life. But we all know that is not how life is at the moment. Anything that is out of sync, possibly stressful can be upsetting emotionally. We all want to go back to our normal routine for that feeling of safety and security. For me, I hate it when any of my animals is sick or hurt. They are my kids. It is another Achilles Heel. Since I teach others to handle life with grace and ease, I ought to practice what I preach. I realized mid-sentence that begging is not a great way of co-creating. To ask or beg is to be in reactive mode, not in co-creative mode. Now we’re cooking with gas! This changes everything. It empowers, thrills and delights!

Having blogged about this previously, it can’t hurt to remind my readers that putting new habits into practice can be an ongoing process. It takes time to make a new behavior and a new mindset and way of life. No one is perfect, especially me!

“For years I have read about, and really tried integrating this mindfulness into everyday life. But life has a way of making you rushed and crazy sometimes…It’s going to take some time for it to really come home to roost. I’m not yet at the point of 24/7 mindfulness or totally unstressed life. But, coming a little closer to it doesn’t suck!”

I also recently talked about the obvious solution to feeling rushed off your feet here, so why am I still needing to improve when I already know the answer?  Because I am a spiritual being in human body. We need time to really incorporate things we know (intellectually) into our lives until we get it on a whole other level, a soul level. Practice makes perfect, unless you have an a-ha moment. That’s instant!

Learning to handle stressful situations by dumping the idea of being panicked is something I will work on until I get it. It’s all I have talked about to others: Living in the moment, being the author of your life, dropping the worry, not jumping to conclusions, trusting that Spirit has my back, flipping it, and so on. This time I was a little closer. I felt a little better and a little more grounded. Good co-creating means learning to tackle your demons along the way. Tackling these demons can become some of the most freeing moments of your life.

Ask, relax, and allow the answer in

If you are using your intuition but are not getting anything, ask Spirit. I have heard it hundreds of times, and I know it intellectually. But sometimes it takes an awareness during or after an experience to really bring it home. It needs to rest in your heart. For me this has been a hit and miss affair. Something happened to me the other day that helped me get that part of the co-creating process. It was the lynch pin to my understanding.


I tend to overthink things, but I am both a technical as well a creative person. It’s like having a foot in each world. I usually think things over a lot—sometimes too much—to get to know the How To part of anything new. This is part of the process of how I Grok something. Even something spiritual and intuitive in nature can be intellectualized before understanding dawns. Breaking things into smaller pieces to analyse them is a good way to understand the process. Experience and observation leads to internalizing. Once internalized, then you have something new for your toolkit! But something was missing for me. The other day I had an experience that brought it all home for me. Now I have this process internalized in a way that I will always know how to succeed.

Side Note: Observation about yourself is how you learn to do things differently in order to succeed. For me, the most surprising activity that helps incubate an a-ha moment is writing. I often take a few days to write my idea out, leave it, then pick it back up. Things will bubble on the back burner. Later I may see things differently, and sometimes solutions come up as I write. I am in no way a professional writer, and in fact only started a few months ago, so you can do this too.

This life changing a-ha moment was a combination of receiving heartfelt instruction, a bit of left-brain thinking, some writing, and then relaxing and letting go to receive the answer. It’s not quite …do these steps, 1, 2, 3, then you get it. It’s a sort of a hodgepodge. Once experienced you will not have to think on it. You’ll have it.

The problem: In an earlier blog post I explained how I hate the modern idea of marketing. There must be another way that is more authentic, more fun, more me. As I ruminated on an answer, I received the following advice from Rena kindred spirit. This advice helped me approach the answer in a new way.

“Look to Patty [yourself] for answers. Go to your God inside. You will know how to reach out and find “Patty People”. Your heart is a brain.”

Side Note: The idea that your heart is a brain is a relatively new idea kicking around the Spiritual community. In a newsletter I get from Gregg Braden he states: “The recent discovery of the ‘little brain’ in the heart [is] a collection of sensory neurons that think, remember and learn independently from the neurons in our brain…” It’s a topic worth looking into. Our society is sorely in need of balance between head and heart. 

The Key: The advice from Ren was heartfelt, simple and worked like a charm. Future support I received from her that day was as follows:  You got this! Deep breath. Go ride a horse, touch the earth, hug a tree, relax. Let go and allow in. You will succeed. I thought briefly about her advice, knowing she was right about the allowing part. The word ‘allow’ resonated with me and I knew for me that was key. But how to do that? Yep there I go thinking too much! It must be experienced. The fact that she was sure I would find my own answers was unexpected, kind, and lovely support. Being supported in that way felt great and very energizing! Do it when you can for others.

Knowing I have a tendency to overthink things, I knew the answer was to get outside to do chores. Physical activity is a great way to take a break. A dreaded chore for (some) horse owners is picking up horse poop with one of those large scooper rakes. For me, it’s a wonderful way to meditate. Like doing dishes by hand. It gets you in a frame of mind to be receptive, and you forget about everything else. This is good, like preparing the soil to be receptive to the seed.

The catalyst: As I scooped poop my mind went elsewhere and I relaxed. The day was lovely with bright sun and the coolness of autumn in the air. The quality of sunlight in October is unparallelled! Read the poem, October’s bright blue weather, by Helen Hunt Jackson. It was like being in one of those snow globes, experiencing a rare and gorgeous clear fall day. I was experiencing life in the moment. Then a solution to my marketing delima popped into my head and floated down like a leaf. There it was, waiting for me. It might not be the whole enchilada, but it is a stepping stone to success. Something doable and something very me. And I would not have thought of this on my own, without asking and being receptive to an answer.

The answer: Yes ladies and gentlemen, puttering is the answer to allowing. Finally I got it. Finally I understand the process! Allowing was the point where I was not getting it. (Your blocks may lie elsewhere.) I was working too hard and that intent focus became a roadblock to success. That had been the hiccup in my process. Now I know, puttering is a great way to get out of my own way and allow the Universe in!

So, if you feel stuck for answers, ask the Universe, do a little research to show that you are invested in working toward your goal, and go pick up some horse poop. ;-0 You will find where your roadblocks are if you are a genuine student of yourself/the Universe. If you strive to learn and understand, you will succeed! If you get outside support, good for you! Please don’t give up on yourself. You are worth it and your new understanding contributes to the whole, in ways you cannot imagine.

Please feel free to join in a dialogue, as this blog is meant to be a community forum for ideas, learning and sometimes a little entertainment. 😉


From too many emails to saving the world!

Do you ever go through your email inbox and think, oh my look at that offer! Free videos and classes. Free book chapter, free recipe, free this and free that. Learn this and that. I get emails from professional people I really admire, from news sources I really trust, and from other interesting miscellaneous sources. Along with those are emails begging please rate this thing you bought, this service you tried, rate your flight, car rental, the meds you bought for your dog, help our cause and sign a very important petition about politics, world health, endangered species, food labeling and GMO, clean water and what have you. I can’t even get past reading one Kindle book without it putting me in an almost endless loop of ‘please rate this book’ along with wanting a written review. Even spiritual and metaphysical emails, which I want to learn more about are daunting. I seem to magically sign up for newsletters I know I never signed up for. I don’t do that to my clients. Why do people think that if you bought a gadget, it means you want to get a newsletter from them?

It all adds up. It seems a bit intimidating and makes me feel like I am in demand, in a way I don’t want to be. This world is becoming too fond of no boundaries in terms of sharing too much information, including social networking, and personalized advertising. These days there are no secrets and everything seems much too transparent and shared. I like blogs because you have to sign up for them. FB I do not like, and hope to some day cut the cord. If not for my two businesses, I would have left long ago. (FB is part of the not-so-fun modern day marketing that is very abhorrent to me, yet I feel forced to use it. I am hoping to change that.)

I think part of my problem has been I am the eternal student, driven to improve myself. I thrive on self-help and continual learning about my life’s situation, bent on improving. I love to learn! I love life and part of that is exploring what other people have learned, are talking about, suggest, and can teach me about. So much is out there and I want to learn and never stop. But enough is enough. I have drawn my line in the sand.

At age 59 I feel that my ‘quality’ time on earth is limited to about 15–20 more years of really being in the game and being productive. I want to make the most of my remaining years, so I can bring more joy to the lives of others and in that way be fulfilled. I want to help others live their best life, and help people get over obstacles in their life.

My solution for the emails is to weed through it all and unsubscribe from those that don’t rise to the top of my list, really. Even from people I know and admire. Like doing spring cleaning. Don’t rate any service or item purchased. Keep emails that intrigue me and I want to follow up on. If I have not acted on it in a week, out it goes. Make it count or dump it out. 

Another thing on my mind as I contemplate the use of my scarce free time is my teaching business. It’s not really even off the ground yet and marketing is such a pain in the patootie. Much modern day marketing is supposed to be email and social networking based. I hate the modern day way people market, and all the ‘shezam’ and ‘shizzle’ that goes with it. It’s not for me. I don’t want to clog others inboxes with super long marketing emails on a daily or even weekly basis. I keep this in mind as I ponder the email dilemma.

As I was cleaning up my yard, I figured out how to move forward in my business with authenticity, without all the marketing glam. For now. I am hoping this leads me to my more organic, authentic, fun way of marketing without it feeling like marketing at all. My epiphany is to spend my spare time focusing on helping others directly. Today I’ll work on getting what are called north and south nodes information together for a friend. It is part of astrology (and therefore tarot) that really helps with getting over blocks, and helping you realize what to work on in this lifetime. I believe by serving others, I will move myself forward in a way the world needs me to be of service. I believe the Law of Attraction and Abundance will bring people to me that need assistance. I believe the energy I will hold and expend will attract more of what I need in my life, so I can serve others. See how we got from too many emails to saving the world? Nice isn’t it!

What do you think? I would love, love, love to hear from you. Feedback, or your own stories, or your opinion.