Eating my problems

For a long time, I have had problems during or shortly after eating. This is definitely in the too much information category so I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say there was a lot of intestinal upset and extreme discomfort to deal with. I spent years trying to figure it out. First with my doctor, then on my own.


No, I am not allergic to anything, it was not any particular restaurant, food item, cooking oil, it was not dairy, nothing like that. I relentlessly checked and researched everything it could be. I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I knew there was something worth discovering besides the obvious physical relief.

My research involved tracking when I ate, where I ate, how I ate, what was going on in my life that day. The whole shebang. My research showed that meal time was often the only time in my busy day I could relax. So I sat there in a daze, eating my food way too quickly and unconsciously, solving any problems on my plate. Going from being married to divorced and on your own means you are the only landlord, plumber, doctor, electrician, carpenter, bookkeeper, veterinarian, and fixer of problems at your household. There was much to think on. I came to call this unconscious and hurried consumption eating my problems. This was not a good way to take in nourishment! But there is more to it than that. This was the beginning of the solution to a long-term problem.

The realization that my GI tract was super sensitive and had a purpose beyond its normal function unlocked a lot of mysteries from my life. As a child I was swallowing those pink Pepto Bismol pills like candy. Children shouldn’t need to do this! I would run to the medicine cabinet downstairs to get them just in time to avoid an upset. This was usually while my parents were having a blowout. A typical week brought many of these upsetting verbally abusive, violent events. Looking back I must have been in great distress. And since my mother had her hands full dealing with the violence and atmosphere on her own, I could not always run to her for comfort.

If you have read my blog, you know by now my credo of Everything is Energy. A book I read that reinforces this in terms of your body being a large antenna for energy and vibes is The Tao of Equus: One woman’s journey of healing and transformation by way of the Horse, by Linda Kohanov. I highly suggest it as a great metaphysical, spiritual, horse, history and mythology lovers read. One of her main observations about the horse is, their largest, most accurate physical sensing tool is their gut. Their miles of intestines are super sensitive to energetic vibes all around them. Horses are, after all, prey animals and are always looking for danger in their natural environment. This concept can be easily understood and applied to the human as well. I too relied on this large sensing organ. My gut always told me if things were good or bad, safe or unsafe. It was my litmus test for life. It was my most reliable tool.

As a newly awakened, highly sensitive empath and intuitive, I now realize how easily I can be upset by, or in tune with the vibes, the atmosphere in a room, being in close proximity to anger, an argument, or fear. This really affects me greatly, and much more so than I realized. I knew our bodies are great antennas for picking up on all energies because I had my own personal proof. Almost all intuitive communications, for me, are sensed this way first—unless I’m asleep and dreaming. It is a good thing really. I can fine tune where I spend my time, how long I stay in a place of anger or bad vibes. I can sense if I am in good company or really good juju. So, for my new life, this gut sensing thing was working for me. But what was happening to this wonderful sensing tool of mine that I was in such distress? Was I misusing it, misunderstanding it, or on overload?

I knew the energy angle would tell me what I needed to know. As my research progressed, I felt like I was taking in bad energy, or too much disjointed, wiggling, frenetic vibes when I ate. I also discovered that in cases of high, happy energy, eating made me even more sick. I realized part of the problem was beyond being able to sense things energetically. I had to be more mindful what I do with this energy. NOW we are getting somewhere! Almost there! 

The solution came to me one afternoon while out to lunch with friends. It was Friday and we were all happy to see the work week come to a close. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as we all shared our plans for the weekend. As soon as I took the first few bites of my food, I could feel that really super high buzz of energy. It was way too high. Slow down, go back to first gear. I slowed down my eating and my own energy. Ah, better! I became more deliberate in all things while eating, while visiting and chatting. I protected myself as well by saying a small prayer of protection of white light. Just keep my own energy to myself, don’t take on so much from others, even when we are all having fun. Now I had the solution. It was working! I have had many more successes since then.

These days I’m being very deliberate in my entire relationship with food and the ritual of eating and sharing a meal. I am choosing things that bring me nourishment and pleasure, and keeping my largest Intuitive Sensing organ healthy and clear by monitoring my energy intake. I have had no more discomfort, I am getting more nourishment for my body and my soul. 

I would love any comments, opinions or shared experiences in the reply section. This can be a complicated topic for me but I really am excited about the results of my research. 

2 thoughts on “Eating my problems

  1. I know a young man (nearing 30 y/o), for about half his life, he has blessed nearly every meal, before consuming. And when he eats, he eats slowly and mindfully. He reflects on where the foods came from (not the store! in nature.) and is grateful.
    I may be explaining it wrongly.
    Regardless, my point is, I believe I understand what you are saying. 🙂 And our body is so complex, research is discovering new things all the time. It can be mind boggling.
    thanx for this post,


    • Thanks for the reminder Ren. I totally forgot (and still forget) to bless my food. That will also help, and I will practice that more often, and more mindfully, starting now. Thanks much for the response and keep in touch!

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