The smallest adjustment

The other day I was out to lunch with friends at a small French café. The food was great, but service was slow. No biggie, my friends and I had much to talk about. However trying to pay with my debit card was frustrating. That new chip technology was the culprit. I didn’t want to put a $12 lunch on a major credit card that I had paid off an hour before. There was plenty of money in my checking account, so I insisted they try running the card one more time, please. I checked the card just before going to lunch so it was not a problem of not enough money.

The wait staff (a man and a woman) were both short with me and quite rude about it. I later noted this same reaction from other diners on Yelp reviews. I did not appreciate the attitude of two of the waitstaff, and their denial that the chip was the problem. It was obvious that many other customers that morning had problems with the chip, and the staff blamed it on ‘…everyone else having money problems on the same day. They put money in and suddenly it was gone.’ Huh? None of that made any sense. It was obviously the machine they had not figured out how to use it. The receipt even said “transaction not completed” on it both times they ran the card. Almost every store with the new chip reader has had problems. We’ve all encountered it.

Mind you, this incident on trying to pay my bill did not include loud words, or any sort of a scene at all. It was in fact very subdued and quiet. But I could tell by the reaction of my friends when I returned to the table, that my pickiness in wanting things to go my way was less than ideal. I also don’t like it much when people are so picky they make themselves miserable or unhappy, so why was I doing it? I was being as inflexible as the wait staff, minus the rudeness. So much for my being open and spiritually aligned with All That Is! It went out the window so quickly. (Sad face)

What I should have done differently was to be more flexible about payment and just let it go. Sometimes those small things set me off, or tip over my applecart. Every day life sends me opportunities for growth, and situations where I could have done better. This was minor, but it was one of those times I could have done better by being more open and flexible. More in tune with what was going on. I could have made the smallest adjustment and all would have been better. Sometimes I laugh at myself for the things that upset me, or that get me off the path of the love vibe. More practice is needed! Well that’s what day to day life is for! Continued practice in the waking world, here on Earth. Ready, set, GO! (happy face)

No matter how small a thing is, you know when you can improve. Even if someone else is being rude to you, and you know you are ‘in the right’, you can let go and go with the flow. That makes the energy of the room, the vicinity, much better. Next time vow to do better.

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