What is co-creating?

I don’t remember when I first heard that term, but I was not sure I understood exactly what co-creating meant. So, take off the cowgirl hat and put on the detective hat. It started with my first basic observation that everything is energy.


We live in, and are part of something I call Universal Flow. Once I was more in tune with this flow, I learned to recognize intuition, how it manifests, and how to use it. By using my intuition through paying attention to how it manifested in my body, using the Law of Attraction, and asking for and receiving guidance from Spirit, I started consciously co-creating. I developed my skills with routine, everyday tasks to build on my experience. Now it’s as easy as breathing. 

I believe any time you have a goal in mind, consciously connect with Spirit for guidance, pay attention to your intuition, act on intuitive hits, are in gratitude, take steps to your goals every day, you are co-creating. You and the Universe are doing a wonderful dance of co-creativity. It’s a pretty awesome thing once you get the  hang of it. It’s like discovering this wonderful superpower you never realized you had. But now that you know you have always had this power, go for it!

Take note however and know you are in the driver’s seat! I know some people are blown away when they realize Spirit is not in charge of the direction their life takes. You are always in the driver’s seat. Spirit is there to assist and to guide and to give hints. It’s really great once you grasp this concept and start mindfully and intuitively co-creating your future, your life.

Also keep in mind vibrational energy and your thoughts become things. Thinking is a part of co-creating as well. There’s that old saying, be careful what you wish, for you might get it! That’s why it’s best to dump worry and anxiety, stop complaining, and tell yourself a new story every day, every moment. Tell your new story. Live it. Direct it. Be it. Look up articles by Abraham Hicks and Mike Dooley, (and many others) for a good starting place.



5 thoughts on “What is co-creating?

  1. I feel you have addressed ‘co-creating’ very well. Thank you for taking the time. Being ‘in the driver seat’ is a tough concept to grasp. Once I did, my world changed and life became fun and fulfilling….adventurous.

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    • Ren, Thanks for your comment and insight and I am SO THRILLED the door has been opened for you. For me also, being in the drivers seat was a revelation that took time to sink in. But once it did, yahoo! Thanks for the comment and keep in touch. ❤

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