The Big Change

In some posts I talk about The Big Change I went through. And so you will know when I mention this in future blog posts. I was married for over 18 years to someone I loved. Over time this person become volatile, chaotic, overly dramatic and downright cruel. Every day mental and emotional torture and anguish were mine to deal with. I kept trying to keep my marriage together, but it didn’t work. Hanging on way past the time I should have left was foolish, but keep in mind the idea of Divine Right Timing. You do things when you are ready. Time was running out and I knew I would either be dead shortly, or I would have to get out of the marriage. Our split would mean this person would go kicking and screaming, would make my life miserable, with more drama than any drama llama could muster. It all happened as I suspected. But all that is water under the bridge.


The Big Change was not living in that very abusive and demoralizing situation where I constantly undervalued and ignored my own needs. The divorce was not The Big Change as many might assume. The Big Change was the seven or eight years after the split where my spirituality and love of anything I was denied during the marriage were explored deeply and passionately, with huge doses of cowgirl common sense thrown in for good measure. My ex hated God, religion, or the idea of anything greater than himself. He especially hated and abhorred anything metaphysical. Now that I was no longer being held down by him, I had my time to explore, have fun, and really dig into many areas of life that had previously been shut off to me.

In returning to what I call a new normal, many things that I was exploring were picked up and incorporated into my life. If something did not resonate or ring true with me, I dumped it. If it did resonate, I did more exploring and adopted what I loved, putting those ideas into my own set of experience, into my own words, into my own view on how it all works. That is what any sane, thinking, open-minded person does. You explore, experiment, adopt, and modify it to fit your view of reality. Perhaps some of what is explored changes that reality! That’s also how the world becomes a much more interesting place, by everyone learning and seeing things through their own personal filter.

The short story is, those years were formative, as if I was being rebuilt from the ground up. My intuition started showing up in spades. I received hundreds of ‘intuitive hits’, hints, synchronicities, and full-blown waking, moving, high-definition visions. People, these things cannot be ignored! Intuition is Spirit communicating with you. Pay attention.

I stand very firm in my beliefs and it’s totally fine with me if others disagree with me. But I’m not going to try and convince anyone who isn’t interested or fully invested in learning. And I’m not going to become engaged in banter simply for the sake of argument. That’s a waste of time. I do try and encourage those that express an interest and guide them where I can. In my zest for this brand new life, I try and do no harm if explaining my foundational views, which can be seen here. I totally get that everyone has their own ideas and truths. And many will not agree with my views. That’s okay, everyone has their own view of reality. The world needs that variety! I understand we all have our own path to walk. Hey, that’s what makes the world go around, no? Yes!

The takeaway: My Big Change gave me a whole new world to explore and live in. One that is directed by me, with help from Spirit/All That Is along the way. Anyone can have a life of co-creating and self-direction. I am living proof it can be done! Like it says on my home page, if a down-to-earth cowgirl can harness the energy of the Universe, you can too!

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