Sending love

What does it mean to send love? It’s an energy thing. Since I believe everything is energy, you can bet your bottom dollar I feel love as a vibration, an energetic force. A force for good, not evil. (You know I had to say that!)


First you have to understand love (or any emotion) vibrationally. In terms of what I will call the emotional vibrational scale, Love is at the top, and it’s opposite, fear is at the bottom. All actions, all emotions, all feelings, are either love-based or fear-based. Gossip, complaining, prejudice and jealousy are all fear based. Compassion, giddy feelings, joy, happiness, and appreciation are all Love-based. 

Sending love means just what it sounds like. Imagine someone you know is having a bad day and you want to help them. It’s kind of like wishing them love, but it’s more powerful and useful a tool than simply wishing. First, imagine your heart as open and receptive, compassionate and sympathetic. If you want to send someone love, your heart is probably already open, but humor me. Imagine from your heart lovely pink light is coming out, being broadcast out into the air, going out to the person in question, directly to their heart. The love you send will be felt by them in one way or another. It will support and enrich their energy field. It will help. Send as much as you like, as often as you like. It’s a way to support, love, and assist.

Sending love knows no physical limitation. It does not matter if the person is in the next room or across the globe. You don’t have to do it for long, a few seconds will do. Open your heart, imagine the pink light going from you to that person. Wish them continued whitest light, highest love. You can also do this for a group of people, such as all people who have cancer, or all people who are depressed. This is part of the Buddhist practice of Tonglen meditation. Pema Chodron, my favorite Buddhist nun, has much to say on the topic. Look her up if you get a chance.

I do it for friends who are having a bad time, a bad experience, if they feel fearful, stuck, or helpless. This is especially helpful in the instance where someone is feeling lost, but can’t yet see the opportunity for growth that is in front of them. Maybe everyone can see what this person needs, but you can never, ever force a person to see it. They must learn it for themselves, through experience, from within. That’s how they know it. That’s how they own it. That’s how a bad experience can empower a person to live a better life. I like to think of it this way, if you are struggling don’t give up hope. There is a learning occurring, an opportunity for growth. You can even ask someone to send you love.

Sending love makes the recipient feel better, and it will make the sender feel better as well. We are all vibrationally connected, as a whole, as a society, at the global level. Send love as often as you like. You can do it often throughout your day. It’s my opinion that you can’t overdo sending love. Send love whenever the mood strikes you. With love….

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