What exactly are vibes?

Yes, I use fluffy words like vibes, energy, and intuition. That’s part of who I am after the big change after my divorce. I am a changed person for the better, but man it was hard work and very humbling. Yet a big part of me is the same old Pat. Back to the subject at hand. Vibes and energy are a big part of the new me and my new knowledge and experience. The following is what I have learned through experience.


Certainly vibes are part of the energy all around us, part of the Universal Flow of energy, and part of having a loving intent. But what exactly are vibes? How I explain it to students is like this: Imagine at your core is one guitar string. Each morning you wake up you pluck this string to activate your inner vibe, your inner energetic hum. What will yours be set to? Happiness and joy, or frustration and anger? Helplessness and feeling trapped, or self-actualized intent? This is another way you can be in authenticity as the author of your life.

Imagine a large guitar string at your very core, the length of your body, going from your head to your feet. Imagine plucking the string even before you get out of be (if this is possible!) Set this vibe to something happy, joyful, inquisitive, helpful, and fun. You decide. It’s your life, your day, your vibe. This will affect people around you, and honestly, the entire Earth vibe picks up on it. You are contributing to a whole. Make it good!  When you pluck this string, it broadcasts this vibe to the people around you, in your office, in your home, in your city, and in the world. You can set your inner vibe each morning, or any time you need to check in or reset it during your day.

Much like ripples on a pond, people sense you and can be affected by your vibe long before they see you. Another inspiration is to think of the word resonance. If you pluck a guitar string, other strings near it start vibrating on their own in response! That’s pretty powerful stuff, Batman!

Your internal vibe can and does affect other people wherever you go. That’s why I often tell people, their very presence in a building (at work for example) or in a meeting —even one they may dread going to—can actually help others. It helps to lighten their mood when they find out they actually have a power they are using for good. I think the first time someone else told me my very presence in a building made a difference for good—at the time I was in a job that did not suit me—was very helpful in me being able to be happier and turn things around. Wow, more powerful stuff!

This vibes tuff, it’s everywhere and you can and do have a choice in how things are flavored in your local area. Your vibe makes a difference in how things are perceived and experienced for others, such as good moods, great feelings, positive vibes in a group of people that are ‘greater than yourself’. You make a difference to others and you absolutely contribute to the whole. Through the Law of Attraction your good juju attracts more, and on it goes exponentially. Now we’re talking about the tipping point for cities, countries, in terms of good vibes. This is so powerful! You are more powerful than you realize. All of you. Each day, or each moment if needed, check in with your inner vibe, feel it, smell it, envision it, play with it and have fun. Use your powers for good, not evil, as the saying goes. 😉

10 thoughts on “What exactly are vibes?

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