On gossip and complaining

Not engaging in gossip in a small office or group of people is very hard to do. Gossip may start out in the form of being strictly information. But be careful. I have often been tempted to join in. It is a lifelong work in progress and I constantly work on being more positive and happy. At the time of writing this article, I have been at my current job over fourteen years. There is a high potential for a lot of baggage to have collected over the years. Learning to let go is a good habit. Learning not to collect the baggage in the first place is even better! I am proud to say that where I work, there is very little gossip these days.


Gossiping doesn’t make for a happy day at work, and it only makes you feel less in control of your situation. On top of that it leaves you feeling worse than when you began. There’s a reason for that. Being a gossip or engaging in negative talk results in much lower-vibrational energy and much lower feelings of worth. It’s not worth it just to fit in and go along with the crowd, or be one of the gang.

For me, going with group mentality and not rocking the boat has been a lifelong habit of self-survival. I am now finding this does not suit my spiritual growth. If I find that I have slipped and gossiped or complained about a coworker or situation—even if it seems I am being factual and only reporting what I observe—I get a physical feeling in my gut that is uncomfortable. I know it was wrong to do and was negative energy. This feeling is a physical manifestation of my intuition telling me I have been engaging in a low-vibrational activity that does not suit my higher good.

Point taken, I will remember not to do this next time I feel the uncomfortable feeling in my gut. That feeling in my gut was my intuition talking to me, saying “Hey this is not good to do. This is bad energy. Bad juju.” My hope is to remember not to engage in gossip at all. Gossip is destructive and never accomplishes anything positive, ever. The same can be said about the low-vibrational energy of complaining. Complaining is being resistant to What Is. That’s the equivalent of swimming against the current. Both activities leave you feeling worse than before you began. 

That feeling in the gut is a hint that you should change your approach. The trick is to do something different the instant that urge arises, like taking a deep breath. Deep breaths are a built-in part of returning to spirit. Deep breathing also physically calms you down. You cannot take deep breaths and not have your pulse and blood pressure drop. It’s a fact. 

Behaving in this new way of being present is more than just having a positive attitude. It takes guts to make a change on an everyday level. It takes guts to make a change how you act on the spur of the moment. This new behavior, this new you, is in control of and aware of your emotional and mental state. This new you is not letting anyone affect how you feel and behave in any situation. If you have good intent, an open heart, and work on being present and choosing how your day unfolds, you will run the chance of being very, very happy at the end of every day.

4 thoughts on “On gossip and complaining

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