Everything is energy

That’s my personal mantra. It’s something I’ve learned through observation and experience. The Universal Flow is made up of energy, as are thoughts and emotions. Energy is almost one and the same with the Universal Flow. It is the matrix within all of us lives our lives. There isn’t a thing that does not have energy. Even a rock has moving molecules, albeit they move very slowly and not too much. Manmade substances move too at the molecular level. It’s all energy.


The type of energy that I am most interested in, and that affects our lives on a daily basis is, the energy that we feel and interact with from other people, places, things and events. Feelings, emotions and words especially carry their own vibes, their own energetic signature. Everything is Energy is what I live my life by in terms of sensing what the energy is like around me, or in a place I am going to, or when I am going to be in a meeting, or be with a certain person or group of people. It’s a big part of the co-creation process and manifesting.

I teach a class on working with Universal Flow and developing intuition. Energy sensing through mind, intuition, and body are a big part of this class. You can learn to sense this energy and work with it. Setting your inner hum, your intent, is a big part of having a successful day of navigating the jungles of space and time. But for big ideas and beliefs like this, I leave it to the reader to do their own research and have their own experiences in determining whether or not this is true for them. For me it certainly is.

16 thoughts on “Everything is energy

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