Living at a higher frequency

I believe how we handle situations, is much of our soul’s purpose in coming here. To continually tweak and adjust our behavior is important. I can measure and see my spiritual grown by noticing the new and better ways I handle situations. Maybe previously my reaction would have been one of anger or irritation. My new discovery might have been that I remained open and detached from what the outcome would have been. This feels lighter, more engaging, more with the flow. Easier. Hey why not do this more often?


It is important to find new ways and new levels of being while we live in the difficult world of third dimension with its duality. I’m not talking about ways of doing things technically. It’s about the feel and the flow. I now place more importance on how I handled a situation, than I do on the outcome. It is how things are handled that is important to me. The end result might be, for example, for me to be open and stand aside from any drama. In the past all I might have experienced was frustration at trying to control things and have them go my way, which is never a good way to operate. 

If you can’t leave the room where drama and chaos are playing out, even if this is between your friends, or a meeting at work, you can disconnect from being hooked by emotions, and be the space for the outcome to be what it will be. In other words, don’t wish for any one particular outcome over another. Let the people involved in the drama do what they each need to. They too have their path of learning through experience. Stand a bit back if you can, hands at your side, and do nothing but send a lot of love to everyone in the room, with a neutral look on your face. Make no judgment of the outcome, and no commentary that is negative. Do not take sides once the drama has ended. This positive shift in your energy will do much to dispel a heightening energy tornado for the people involved. It gives them the space to be. Let their drama play out, send love, and detach once it’s over.

Standing aside from drama and sending love will keep your vibration at a high level, and may even raise it. Certainly your continued high vibe will assist the people in the room too. This is a key insight. Your progress helps the entire world raise its vibration, like ripples in a pond. They affect everything. We are all one. Everything and everyone is connected. Keep your good vibe in mind as you go through your day. Complaining and gossiping are very low vibration activities. Assisting with an open heart and love will keep it high and may raise it. You get the general idea of keeping a high vibe.

These new ways of being can be huge breakthroughs, or small plateaus from where we start living the rest of our lives from, but from a better place. That new place that might be slightly improved or a much better place. You may change a little, or you may have leap-frogged to a new plateau! This might bring a fresh perspective that changes how you see things. From this new place we learn to operate at a higher frequency, a better fit with the Universe and All That Is. The learning continues for the rest of our lives. I have always felt that if I have stopped learning, it’s time to leave the planet. So, I ask myself, am I really done? No. Not today. Keep your vibe high and pour on the love.

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