Don’t avoid that dreaded thing, really

Yup. Guess how much time you spend dreading something rather than just doing it? A lot. Meetings, a phone call, sending an email, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, going to that reunion, etc. Whatever it is, I promise you if you are dreading the task, it is best to get it out of the way quickly or accept that it is in your future and stop the dread.


Case in point, I used to dread doing the dishes by hand every night. Where I live the water is so hard, your fancy dishwasher will last about a year. It helps being just one person so dishes don’t pile up. But also being just one person means no one else can help me do those nasty dishes. Dang! So, one day I had been thinking and thinking how much I hated doing those dishes, but they must be done so it does not compound (more dishes). An experiment was in order. I drew a sink full of soapy water and noted the time. Taking care to do a good job, not be in a hurry, so my experiment would be true to my everyday life. Usually I also wipe all the counters and give the stove and fridge a quick wipe if needed. As I finished the job I was thinking, yeah I bet there went 25 to 35 minutes of my day! Nope, grand total six minutes. Huh? Wha? Oh, um I guess I better just do the dishes instead of spending half the day agonizing or dreading the task.

My experiment with dishwashing keeps me from spending way too much time in my head, with dread. A happier life is the result. And I may sound like I’m repeating myself but through the Law of Attraction, you get back what you put out. You are a sender and receiver of vibes and energy. Let yours be positive, happy and light. And do those dang dishes! Or have a great attitude going to that meeting you don’t want to go to and see how different the energy is, you may be pleasantly surprised. Call that person you have not talked to in months/years. Go to your class reunion or decide to enjoy yourself at home. Make a choice. Don’t spend your time ruminating, agonizing and dreading. It’s not worth it. Free up valuable real estate in your head and keep your mood and attitude fresh.

There is a passage by Eckhart Tolle that tells us there are only three choices you can make about What Is. “Wherever you are, be there totally. If it is intolerable or it makes you unhappy you have three options: Remove yourself from the situation, change it without negativity, or totally accept it. You must choose one now. Then accept the consequences. No complaining or judging. No negativity.” This is something I have committed to memory, and it helps when dealing with things that are not to my liking, or that I am resisting or dreading. It’s okay to look to your gurus and other inspirational sources when you are looking for change.

Please share any stories you have that are similar. I’d love to hear from  you. Happy dish washing!

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