Flipping It: A tool for change

I don’t know who coined the term of flipping it, but it’s the best idea since sliced bread, or since bread itself! The basic idea is to flip negatives into positives. Sometimes you have to search for them and do a little thinking in order to make the flip. The quicker you take this to heart, the better! Based on the Law of Attraction, you don’t want to spin into negativity, as that only creates more, and then  you are into that whole churning miasma of doom. You are a sender and receiver of energy and vibes. Being and feeling positive at your core is important. Attracting more positive energy is the ticket to things running smoothly. It’s like going with the flow instead of trying to rail against What Is. Swimming against the current is tiring and not productive. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. I could say it a hundred ways! Having a positive outlook and vibe means things will fall into place.


Case in point, a good friend of mine was in a terrible job. She spent a long time getting a better education and looking for new work. Eventually she got a new job. However, when I spoke to her she told me she was more miserable in this job than the last one! As she listed her complaints, those complaints spilled out into her personal life, and into everything. I knew she could not see this, but anyone within listening distance could tell this person was totally miserable. I knew this was something that could be changed quickly if it was desired. What I wanted to tell my friend was, life does not have to be that hard. I wanted my friend to be happy! 

Many years ago I realized that even though I had certain successes in life, I could not go up to folks and shake them by the shoulders and tell them to snap out of it and tell them there is a way out. I had all this great news to share, but I had to be careful about being overzealous. In a couples’ counseling session years ago, I learned it is hard to have tackled something in your personal life, and not desperately want someone close to you to have mastered that skill as well. It was hard to watch the other person flounder. I was advised to be patient and understanding and give the other person their space to walk their own path and learn at their pace.

Some people do not want to be helped. They either want to experience this misery, enjoy being a martyr, or will not be denied their problems. Duly noted. I was in victim mode for years until I woke up. I can’t deny other people their own experience and learning. You can never be sure where another person is with this mindset, or with their personal or spiritual path. It is wise to recognize everyone has their own path to walk, and you can’t make them go to a place they are not ready to experience. The temptation was strong to help, so I knew I had to tread carefully, if at all. 

We looked at her list of complaints and fears. They could all be looked at another way. I gingerly introduced her to this new mindset. The results were startling! Every single complaint she had was made into a positive. Plus we found a lot more positives she didn’t realize were there. She felt better, more alive, less trapped, much more in control of her life. 

Examples from real life might help you flip what you have on your plate. One example would be you have changed departments at work, but you didn’t see that coming, and you are not happy about the change. It happened suddenly and you are still processing the news. Positives to look for would be: Having a new supervisor and co-workers to start brand new relationships with. Any change like this is a chance for you to change your story. To be a better person. You now have a new career path suddenly come your way. Maybe you will be able to work remotely part of the time, something you’ve always wanted to do. You have a fresh new job to do that will get you out of your rut. You are learning a new skill. That’s a new feather in your cap which is always a good thing. Maybe this will get you to where you really want to go, but you before you couldn’t see it. This might be the breath of fresh air you needed!

Flip anything you can. It’s rather addicting! Happy flipping.

2 thoughts on “Flipping It: A tool for change

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