Co-creating the life you desire

Mid-life I awoke to the energy of the Universe. I was able to dump victim mentality, stand apart from chaos, and detach from drama. I use my intuition every day, working with the Universe to create the life I want. This is called co-creating with the Universe! By making my journey transparent, I hope to help others live their best life—A life of choice, of joy, and self direction.  For me it has become a way of life. I hope to teach you to use your intuition so it is as easy and natural as breathing. If a down-to-earth cowgirl can harness the energy of the Universe, you can too.

Life does not need to be a struggle filled with drama and chaos, leaving you feeling trapped in victim mentality. It can instead be an incredible journey, directed by you. I can teach you how to stand aside from drama and chaos, and use Universal flow and intuition to create the life you want. I can help you do this in an everyday practical way.

With a life of co-creation, you are very in-charge and aware of the direction your life takes. Life will always have ups and downs. Wouldn’t you like help with those downs? Armed with new skills, tools and knowledge, you can handle all that life throws you with more grace and ease. Your new life will be more joyous, positive, uplifting and rewarding. Instead of living a reactive life, you will be creating your life moment-by-moment.